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  1. thanks! what about the field on the frontend to add the end of date?
  2. thanks for the answer the routines key is empty. I think I have to create one to fit my problem
  3. How to set an end date , for example for closing on holiday announcement? There is only start date field...no end date... Thanks
  4. I saw that every first of the month, kazzo tells couchdb to create a new databases for all the accounts and rename the old one like YEARMONTH (like account_XXXXXXXXXXXXXX_202202). This starts at midnight and lasts for over 8 hours...in mean time the kazoo UI is not available and the sip calls neither. I need to restar the dbs machines for getting back available. What I have to do to disable this function? Thanks
  5. HI, is it possible to change the default "Ringing Timeout" value (default is 30 seconds) for all the new and old users? Thanks
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