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  1. Thanks mc_ for the answer 😉 So, this is the way KAZOO try to avoid the push notification exchange when the call can be answered by other device (without push configs)? Like, it gives priority to real devices and if the call cannot be established then after 5 sec it's time to try the "push" device?
  2. Hello everyone, I was testing a scenario where my caller number has more than one device. One of this endpoint is of type push and when calling to caller number I was expecting that all devices could ring at same time. But, I realize that the push device always start ringing after ~5 seconds. From code, I can see in the file kz_endpoint that create_push_endpoint is setting the attribute Endpoint-Delay with the value 5 {<<"Endpoint-Delay">>, 5} All the other endpoints are created with {<<"Endpoint-Delay">>, get_delay(Properties)}. Anyone knows or has an idea why the hard code value of 5 is applied to push endpoints? Thanks in advance
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