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  1. This is really weird but that /srv is completly blank.. I think I will do a re-install
  2. My /srv/db don't exist there is no db dir. What is the name of the db I have to delete or path? So far I can find all these directorys with 'db' as the name: /etc/kazoo/kamailio/db /var/lib/freeswitch/db /var/lib/kazoo-freeswitch/db /var/db /tmp/db Which one would this be under? Thanks :)
  3. Hi, So I have been trying to work out a way to delete my admin and all other accounts to start from scratch as I was just testing 2600hz out before but now I wana set it up for real. I have checked here https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/crossbar/doc/maintenance/ And can't see a way to delete all the accounts to start from scratch. At this point I assume I will have to delete it from the DB i setup which is CouchDB. What tables/documents would I need to delete in order to reset 2600hz users to 0 so I can create a new admin from 'sup' again? Thanks.
  4. Ahh it was a DNS problem. Thanks for your help :)
  5. Ahh then yeah I have set it right. I am using Dnsmasq as a DNS server for now but not sure if that counts a a proper DNS server.
  6. I set it up so the DNS points to that ip if the aaaa.bbbb realm is used. What is the path fo the config to locate the realm? How can I find this realm? I am pretty sure I have set it to aaaa.bbbb
  7. A Mr Moosable one. Yeah its all on one box the machine the = aaaa.bbbb domain
  8. So I have installed the Centos 2600hz packages and I am using only CouchDB and no BigCouch. I have managed to register 1 Zoiper SoftSIP instance but not matter the combination of username, password,extension or realm either the ATCOM or Yealink T26 SIP phones I have I constantly get this message in Kamalio logs. May 10 16:05:04 pbx kamailio[3076]: INFO: <script>: 4021033187@|start|received udp request REGISTER sip: May 10 16:05:04 pbx kamailio[3076]: INFO: <script>: 4021033187@|log|source -> May 10 16:05:04 pbx kamailio[3076]: INFO: <script>: 4021033187@|log|from sip:user_vZEW43@ May 10 16:05:04 pbx kamailio[3076]: INFO: <script>: 4021033187@|log|to sip:user_vZEW43@ May 10 16:05:04 pbx kamailio[3076]: INFO: <script>: 4021033187@|log|original R-URI (sip: is this proxy, treating as external sources May 10 16:05:04 pbx kamailio[3076]: INFO: <script>: 4021033187@|log|register|invalid domain I thought the problem maybe DNS and them not being able to resolve aaaa.bbbb. SO i created a local DNS server to resolve the aaaa.bbbb to my 2600hz instance but I'm still getting this error. The CouchDB log looks like it has some undefined values in but not sure if that maters since It still says 200. [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.167681Z couchdb@ <0.14555.46> 494e5d2816 admin GET /account%2F1c%2F46%2Fa8ed528875d09f74a0bda829546f/_design/devices/_view/sip_credentials?include_docs=true&key=%221000%22 200 ok 4 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.174960Z couchdb@ <0.14439.46> 14b57882de admin GET /sip_auth/_design/credentials/_view/lookup?include_docs=true&key=%5b%22pbx.heales%22%2c%221000%22%5d 200 ok 3 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.201342Z couchdb@ <0.14500.46> 958b55a5e1 admin GET /account%2F1c%2F46%2Fa8ed528875d09f74a0bda829546f/_design/devices/_view/sip_credentials?include_docs=true&key=%221000%22 200 ok 5 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.208122Z couchdb@ <0.14568.46> 9f028ecb95 admin GET /sip_auth/_design/credentials/_view/lookup?include_docs=true&key=%5b%22pbx.heales%22%2c%221000%22%5d 200 ok 3 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.221917Z couchdb@ <0.14546.46> 0e91c81355 admin GET /account%2F1c%2F46%2Fa8ed528875d09f74a0bda829546f/_design/devices/_view/sip_credentials?include_docs=true&key=%221000%22 200 ok 1 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.223443Z couchdb@ <0.14548.46> 0e32b0cef4 admin GET /sip_auth/_design/credentials/_view/lookup?include_docs=true&key=%5b%22pbx.heales%22%2c%221000%22%5d 200 ok 1 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.236378Z couchdb@ <0.14551.46> c9f3fa9283 admin GET /account%2F1c%2F46%2Fa8ed528875d09f74a0bda829546f/_design/devices/_view/sip_credentials?include_docs=true&key=%221000%22 200 ok 1 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.237772Z couchdb@ <0.14553.46> 6bd1a2e515 admin GET /sip_auth/_design/credentials/_view/lookup?include_docs=true&key=%5b%22pbx.heales%22%2c%221000%22%5d 200 ok 1 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.627734Z couchdb@ <0.14581.46> 1073f48b1b admin GET / 200 ok 4 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.628475Z couchdb@ <0.14552.46> 2462931f04 admin GET / 200 ok 3 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:13.884191Z couchdb@ <0.14598.46> db377a242e undefined undefined GET / 200 ok 3 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:15.889031Z couchdb@ <0.14560.46> c93c3d610e undefined undefined GET / 200 ok 3 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:16.253372Z couchdb@ <0.14700.46> a60121cd50 admin GET /faxes/_design/faxes/_view/schedule_accounts?group_level=1&group=true&reduce=true 200 ok 5 [notice] 2022-05-10T15:26:17.892943Z couchdb@ <0.14706.46> ca8e3755f7 undefined undefined GET / 200 ok 3 Here is the image of the HAProxy showing everything working. I'm really confused about what I exactly type on the the Sip phones. Here is what I have typed in for the YeaLink SP-T26p and the ATCOM (Sorry not sure what model) The password are copy and pasted and I have checked for rouge spaces. I have also disabled all types of firewalls/iptables so its probably a config I have mis-setup. I have been following this guide https://gist.github.com/ruhnet/d1b1a5b02498ec36504f8fcead81b50e And a YouTube video for installation. I also am confused by the Number part it wants me to buy them or sync them. But from what? I'm in the UK and this seems like a US style PBX, how can I add my SIP gateway and add extensions without having to Sync or buy them since I have lready bought some numbers and already have extensions for our internal system ready to go. Thanks :)
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