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  1. How to add that route in Erlang VM, there is an example in the doc How do I add the Konami route in the Erlang VM, is there a tutorial?
  2. Hello, I installed kazoo via centos according to the documentation and everything worked well for me. I need to use konami for call transfer but when I give kazoo-applications status I don't get konami in the WhApps. I install konami manually from the kazoo repository and I run the command sup kapps_controller running_apps konami and I get that it is running but the transfer does not work and when I restart the server it disappears again
  3. Good morning, I want to start using kazoo in my company but my provider requires me to map the ISUP codes in the q.850 reason because hangup always gives Normal Clearing. In freeswitch that was fixed by passing the channel variable continue_on_fail to false and sip_ignore_remote_cause but I have seen that in ecallmgr it is forced to continue_on_fai to true, it puts the call in park and then hangs up so it is a normal hang up? How can you fix that?
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