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  1. I am new to kazoo and started to explore kazoo for last two months. But I have some previous experience of using freeswitch. I am using single server installed at Linode. I have set up a callflow using Callflows app from monster-ui for a number (for example : 995) and using pivot module to fetch instructions for IVR. If I dialled this number 995 from a sip client registered with a kazoo extension , IVR works fine. But my ultimate goal is to dial this IVR extension 995 from peerless extension.Let me explain in detail. My client is already using service from cloudpbx.peerlessnetwork.io . So they will register using their peerless extension (for example :101@ cloudpbx.peerlessnetwork.io) from sip client and will dial 995 which needs to be routed to our kazoo server. For this, they have provided me a peerless extension which i need to register at kazoo. Can anyone give me a guideline about how to register this peerless extension at kazoo and ensure call is routed to our kazoo server?
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