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  1. Hi all, I'm having issues getting billing values when exporting a CDR, I am missing something, but can't work out what it is. I have created rates and a service plan, applied it to an account. I can confirm the account does rate the call; curl -v -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $AUTH_TOKEN" "http://localhost:8000/v2/accounts/THEACOUNTID/rates/number/0064123456789" | python -mjson.tool { "auth_token": "THETOKEN", "data": { "Base-Cost": 0.25, "E164-Number": "+64123456789", "Prefix": 64, "Rate": "2500", "Rate-Increment": 60, "Rate-Minimum": "60", "Rate-Name": "NZ-641", "Ratedeck-ID": "ratedeck", "Surcharge": "0" }, "node": "eLkcsM-rA51lUe1rEfAZFw", "request_id": "fffe0fb77cfc5988b6f61e9166ce7f59", "status": "success", "timestamp": "2018-05-31T03:00:13", "version": "4.2.34" } But when pulling the CDR, I get the rate of 0.0, a blank rate_name and call_type (using PHP and the SDK) $sub_id = "THEACOUNTID"; $cdrdata = $sdk->Account($sub_id)->Cdrs(); string(16) "List the Billing" {"id":"201805-30077c5e4b188b3b1cb6cc6f06c7f0d5@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5060","call_id":"30077c5e4b188b3b1cb6cc6f06c7f0d5@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5060","caller_id_number":"9876543210","caller_id_name":"6423456789","callee_id_number":"+649876543210","callee_id_name":"NickHome","duration_seconds":"8","billing_seconds":"7","timestamp":"63694945755","hangup_cause":"NORMAL_CLEARING","other_leg_call_id":"","owner_id":"","to":"+649876543210@pbx.voip.cloud3.co.nz","from":"9876543210@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx","direction":"inbound","request":"+649876543210@pbx.voip.cloud3.co.nz","authorizing_id":"","cost":"0","dialed_number":"+649876543210","calling_from":"9876543210","datetime":"2018-05-31 00:29:15","unix_timestamp":"1527726555","rfc_1036":"\"Thu, 31 May 2018 00:29:15 GMT\"","iso_8601":"\"2018-05-31\"","call_type":"","rate":"0.0","rate_name":"","bridge_id":"30077c5e4b188b3b1cb6cc6f06c7f0d5@","recording_url":"","media_recordings":[],"media_server":"sip1.voip.cloud3.co.nz","call_priority":"","reseller_cost":"0","reseller_call_type":""} Any help would greatly be appreciated Cheers, Nick.
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