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  1. On a new cluster, latest kazoo v4.2.3, Monster-UI v4.2.10, Accounts App v4.2.0, functionally fine other than this small issue: The latest version of the Accounts app when adding a new account, unsuccessfully makes a call to a service_planner endpoint resulting in an error and ultimately an unusable Accounts app. Other apps seem fine. I search the kazoo repo and was only able to find a few references to this searching for "service_planner", mainly in the service_planner.md and cb_service_planner.erl files, none of these are able to be found other than in this commit and referenced pull request. service planner available fields to customize API (#4104) https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/commit/5ee55d9b9c97f05b78369682c2ad0ae2f6610ac7 KAZOO-5618: Service plans planner API https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/pull/4087 OK, looks like a new API but there wasn't a branch (including master) or RPM (Tried them all) that I could find the code in, namely cb_service_planner.erl So, looks like I can't fix this by rebuilding kazoo (even checking out master), so I should have to downgrade MonsterUI to a version that doesn't attempt to use this new API. At appearance, it would seem the problem lies in the Accounts MonsterUI app, but I was able to trace it down to a MonsterUI core template: servicePlanDetails.js The commit in the MonsterUI repo where the change appears to be introduced: UI-2390: service plan overrides with new ledgers item: https://github.com/2600hz/monster-ui/commit/3a20cad6938acd46efce554d4f7be3203c499f1d#diff-34258a55b944d8971d79d24e1871ba54R782 It appears after this change, it was also ported back to earlier 4.2.x RPM's because this string appears when grepped for on all 4.2.x RPM's. At this point I realize the solution either involves surgery or rolling back to 4.1.x so I do that and call it a day to get things working. This is sad because I would really like to use a more recent version of Kazoo and MonsterUI. I see it is effectively working on the Kazoo Sandbox (MonsterUI v4.2.10 according to the version string). On there it appears the service_planner endpoint is working correctly too. Is there a way I can check this out on open-source? If not, any idea when it might be released in the future? Also, would copy/pasting the source from github for cb_service_planner.erl work or just asking for trouble? I'm not asking for support on an undocumented feature, I'm just looking to have Kazoo & MonsterUI 4.2.x able to create a new user through the UI, and to tip you guys off on a possible bug if it ends up being one. Thanks!
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