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Monitor Recipient - Qubicle not working

Brian Parvin

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We are unable to get the Monitor Recipient API call to work.


We are able to make the API call and get a successful response, but it doesn't create the session and connect the user to the call. 

JSON Response:

  "data": {
    "action": "monitor"
  "timestamp": "2018-12-24T17:30:56Z",
  "version": "4.3.11",
  "node": "Ev_F_A7G-rxfdqawJdFRpg",
  "request_id": "dd450e260b10a8e8969123fcc1f42cb5",
  "status": "success",
  "auth_token": "removed on purpose"

None of the 'eavesdrop', 'whisper', or 'barge' options do anything though.

There is a mention of "(if the current recipient has the permission enabled)" but we are not sure what permission that is referencing.  We have made the user an Admin and also made sure they are in the Call Queue itself.  No luck.  We have similar API calls working like logging users in and out of the queue and QuickCall which I expect is similar to how the Monitor function would work by calling the recipients phone to connect to the target.  

Unfortunately nothing seems to happen.

We can use some assistance.


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