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Cisco 69xx/78xx Configs

Brian Dunne

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Hi all,

Anyone have any luck getting these phones configured against Kazoo?

I've got the 78xx registered and placing outbound calls, but the phone responds to any incoming SIP messages (e.g. BYEs) with 404s after the call sets up. 

The 69xx isn't registering, and that's probably a more fundamental issue with my XML config. I was hoping it would be basically the same as the 78xx config, but it looks like there are some difference in how they select user@realm from the config options.

Documentation on these things is close to nonexistent.

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They. Are. A. Nightmare.


Don't do it... You are probably better off from a business perspective just giving them free phones. Config is impossible even if they have the SIP based firmware. If they don't have the SIP based firmware, you have to find that first. For the love of all things holy, don't factory reset them!

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The main problem I have encountered with Cisco phones of this vintage are that they absolutely refuse to register to a realm---they will resolve hostnames, but will always put the resolved IP address as the realm in the SIP messages. So to work with Kazoo, it requires either a local Kamailio (or similar) to do some SIP message manipulation, or to modify your Kazoo Kamailio config to detect phones from a particular IP address and make the realm changes, to allow Kazoo to identify the device as belonging to a particular account.

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