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The Great Breakening for 5.0 delayed

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Hi gang,
                We got some great feedback and excitement regarding the 5.x breakening. Thanks for that, that was great to hear.
                However, after some internal deliberations we’ve come to the conclusion that we did it a bit prematurely. Sorry the whiplash and to  disappoint, but we are going to REVERT the repository breakup we just did and postpone it for a later date. But don’t worry, the master branch that it came from (in github.com/2600hz/kazoo) has also been restored.
                We’ll be back to you with more news once we’ve had some time to re-group on this work.


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1 minute ago, Ben Bradford said:

Do you plan on pulling the commits made to the repos when they were broken apart back in to the combined kazoo repo as you have lost just over a week of commits by doing a revert and deleting the repos? 


Ahh interesting, that was not intentional. Let me see what we can do about that.

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