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  1. Open Source Dev Community Call


    @Rick Guyton You're an hour early. It's only 830am PT, this starts at 930am PT.
  2. Today's Community Outage

    The old posts are too hard to merge back into the restored community, so they are lost. You will need to re-post your content if you still have an open question/comment I'm afraid.
  3. Open Source Dev Community Call


    Hi folks, My apologies, this has been cancelled for this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. We'll pick it back up in two weeks.
  4. Is there current ISO's available for 4.1?

    The compiled versions are. Good question what happened to the scripts which create them. @Karl Anderson any ideas?
  5. Is there current ISO's available for 4.1?

    To be clear the ISO was actually an auto-installer that would download the latest version from the web. That said, it was for 3.x. Hasn't been updated for 4.x. But the date is not so relevant. The configs changed from 3.x to 4.x though.
  6. ACDC Strategy options

    ACDC is now maintained as a community project, I'm going to move this topic to the open source area so folks can respond there.
  7. Advanced e911 - granular based on room or building

    How does that accomplish telling the PSAP what room or floor the person is on?
  8. Advanced e911 - granular based on room or building

    Also there's only like 3 actual certified VoIP PSAP interconnect companies, everyone is just reselling their stuff. I believe it's 911 Enable (now West?), Intrado (also now West?) and bandwidth.
  9. Advanced e911 - granular based on room or building

    Hi there, As far as I know, every number gets a unique address (even room number) so I am not aware of a way you can transmit the specifics of the room or location number with granularity at this time. If someone is working on that, it is news to me - right now they make money off each of those numbers so there's no motivation, to my knowledge, to fix that. We played with an idea at one point to change the APIs in realtime - person dials 911, we update the API with the latest address, pause for 2 seconds, then connect the call, but decided it was a terrible idea to have someone wait on the line, even for 2 seconds, when calling 911, so abandoned that (without the pause the databases didn't seem to update reliably enough / rapidly enough). So I am unaware of a solution to this besides paying per number.
  10. Registration/call limits

    OK sounds good!
  11. Registration/call limits

    Thanks for writing. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can! You wrote: "1) I would like to know how many registrations/calls Kazoo can manage for each Kazoo/kamailio node (for registrations) and for each FreeSwitch node (for calls). How can I estimate these values? Do I have to evalutate for each node or for the entire cluster?" Currently we have a number of people hitting between 10,000 and 30,000 on a single proxy. There are some optimizations we're working on which should raise that limit, but that's the norm, on mediocre hardware. You wrote: "2) I would like to start with 2 nodes. How can I setup them? 1 FS + 1 DB/Kazoo? 1FS+1DB + 1Kazoo? All-in-one? Next they will be scaled as the registered devices increase." Yes, we support this now. All-in-one nodes are fine. You can split the components out later. But use at least 2 servers so you have some redundancy. You wrote: "3) I know Kazoo 4.0 pretty good (applications and source code). Is it a good idea to start with 4.1 instead?" Up to you, 4.1 is stable now. There was a memory leak in Kamailio 5.0.3a but I believe that is patched also, so should be good to go. We are running 4.1 publicly on many clusters now.
  12. Linking of two separate p.r.i lines

    Unfortunately, I still have no idea what you're asking :-/
  13. Linking of two separate p.r.i lines

    You can use PRIs with Kazoo. But I don't know what you mean by "linking" two PRIs?
  14. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    Found the setting and changed it! You should now be able to edit.
  15. New forum feature: Reply by email!

    I might be able to fix that.