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Call Recording Survey, Part 2

Bret Truchan

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Hello Community!

We recently posted a product survey on Call Recording which you can find that HERE.

After we reviewed the initial results, we realized that we had more questions, specifically around how call recording settings revolve around each other.  When you have a moment, please review our additional questions below and share your thoughts:

  1. Are you currently using Call Recording settings within the Monster UI platform or a 3rd party integration/tool? I.e. Call Recording via Call Flows, or Call Recording via Call Center Pro?
  2. Do you take advantage of the "inheritance" of call recording settings that exist between Account, User, and Device settings, and if so, how do they help you?
    • Would it make sense to hide some of these settings to an “Advanced” tab and exposing only the basic settings in the forefront?
  3. In your mind, what are the call recording features that need the most improvement or need to be added?

Thanks again for all of your feedback!

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