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Kamilio crashing after being hit by malicious SIP messages


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IS anyone else facing same issue in kazoo cluster?

kazoo Kamilio  Module is crashing after being hit by  malicious SIP messages , which is causing kamailio to crash and dump core files.

root@d1k1 ~]# ls -lh /tmp
total 2.4G
-rw-------. 1 kamailio daemon 1.4G Sep  9 09:18 core.4419
-rw-------. 1 kamailio daemon 1.4G Sep  9 08:39 core.4422
-rw-------. 1 kamailio daemon 216M Sep  9 10:29 core.4426


Even a single malicious attempt is crashing module.


Dumps are being created, which ultimately fills disk space.

when one kamailio   module fails, other in cluster also fail  in matter of seconds.






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nstalled Packages
Name        : kazoo-kamailio
Arch        : noarch
Version     : 4.3
Release     : 25.el7.centos
Size        : 0.0
Repo        : installed
From repo   : kazoo4

[root@d1k1 ~]# kamailio -version
version: kamailio 5.1.9-rc1 (x86_64/linux)

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