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Add multiple extensions to a User

Emily R

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User Story

  • A user wants to add an extension to its personal settings.


  • Users can be assigned multiple extensions. This can be helpful to track the source of calls, for example if a user is part of a sales channel as well as an internal channel. These settings are best defined and managed in SmartPBX.

Add Multiple Extensions in SmartPBX

To add an extension to a User Name,

  1. Select Users from the side menu in the SmartPBX dashboard.
  2. Click in the Extension field area next to the User name.
  3. Select Add an extension and enter the new number.

    Add extension1.png
  4. Select Save Changes. You will see a new icon display in the extension field indicating more than one extension has been assigned.

    Add extension SPBX multiple exts icon.png


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum amount of extensions I can add to a specific user?
Technically, no – however it may be a bit of a tracking and management challenge to have more than a few.

What are some use cases for multiple extensions?
At times a user may want to dedicate an extension to a specific type of incoming call, such as support, and/or have the flexibility to forward only one extension to a different device, such as a home or personal device.




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