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ANNOUNCEMENT: MORE forum changes!

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Hello everyone,

I'm back, this time to tell you of some big changes to the look and organization of the forums that we believe will improve the user experience and help with moderation efforts. As we continue our review and evaluation of the forums as the main channel for our community and related discourses, one dimension we have identified as an area for potential improvement is the organization and simplification of the forums based on traffic and average usage. If anyone would like to know more about the thought process motivating this change, please reach out to me and I can elaborate with some data if you're interested to know! 

This change will be taking place in the near term, and we predict all changes should be complete and sorted by the end of this week. 

EDIT: To clarify, these changes will focus around moving content from existing top-level forum categories into a smaller number of more generalized forums while maintaining categorization that the consolidated subforums will share. In essence it's a move to consolidate content into fewer main forums organized around theme and traffic. 

This will likely be disorienting at first! I would like to preemptively apologize for any confusion and difficulty with the new format during that initial adjustment phase, and also express that we make these changes with the intention of improving the overall usage experience of the forums and the community overall. As always, I am happy to receive your thoughts and concerns, so please reach out to me without hesitation about this and any other input you might have on the forums and our community! 

Thanks all! 

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