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Enabling SMS/MMS on Shared Hosted (2600Hz Carrier)


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pricing for SMS/MMS for shared hosted can be found here under additional pricing.

We strongly recommend registering a campaign with The Campaign Registry first.

Unregistered SMS/MMS messages will not be supported and in many cases will not be delivered.

10DLC - The Campaign Registry - Instructions


Verify the DID you are wanting to use SMS/MMS is on Bandwidth for the carrier. freecarrierlookup.com


Go to the Number Manager app, find the number you are wanting to enable messaging on, select the gear icon, then select messaging.


Toggle on or off SMS or MMS

Now, you can use SMS/MMS with an app of your choice, or via manual webhook setup to your own app.


Example webhook below (follow your specific apps guide)



Note: if using textable, follow the guide for “trunking.io”



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