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We are a mid size VOIP company that is using 2600hz for Yealink and Grandstream phones 

Our setups are simple, All phones get the same button programming for each site and each site consists of 20-50 Yealink Phones with 5-10 Grandstream Cordless phones.

Our goal is to streamline installation processes by setting up templates and also setting up ring times and disabling voicemail for many of the phones.

So far everything has been pretty easy but very granular in having to go to each extension and program custom settings. 

We are trying to get into the API section to setup custom fields for the extensions and believe it will get easier from there.

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  • 2600Hz Employees

Hi @voiceuser! Sorry I missed this intro of yours! We're pretty busy with Kazoocon preparations and such right now, which by the way if you're in the area at the time, GREAT way to get well immersed in the Kazooniverse! This year it's at the fabulous Palms in Las Vegas on October 23-25. To read more about the event, checkout https://www.kazoocon.com. To register, head to https://kazoocon.rsvpify.com/ 

As far as your use case, that makes a lot of sense from a workflow standpoint, definitely can understand the drive to get that setup process streamlined as you mentioned. I would suggest checking out the /Developer forums for help with that API angle, found here:


Also, you might want to check out our CSV Onboarding application for more setup streamlining! Here is a link to some documentation about it (this is a little outdated, we are working on new documentation all the time though):


I hope that helps, and thanks for joining us! 

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