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Below are release notes for the next update, targeted for - Friday, April 13th after 5:00pm PDT:


  • Fixes bigcouch issue causing missing MAC indexing doc preventing phone from provisioning
  • Removes v81 firmware for Yealink T4xS series phones because of audio quality issues
  • Adds missing custom config file setting for Yealink T2x phones that support v81+ firmware
  • Fixes issue where Yealink T3x can't retrieve config files due to security update
  • Fixes Yealink timezone name for Australia
  • Fixes missing secondary DNS settings
  •  Replaces "current" firmware with "Use own firmware" to remove the confusion and allow users to use firmwares not listed
  • Fixes provisioning URL in the Grandstream GXP21xx template
  • Disables all codecs not set through the UI
  • Fixes bug for Cisco DNS/NAPTR settings
  • Forces Polycoms to always reboot when updating settings
  • Fixes off by one bug with Yealink Combo Keys

New Features
    Security Update 

  •  All phones now must first be added to Provisioner before entering the provisioning URL. If a device doesn't exist in Provisioner requests it's config files, it'll be banned for an hour.
  • 10 unique failed requests for config files from an IP address will ban the IP for an hour
  • Yealink RPS integration 
  • All new Yealink phones added to Provisioner will automatically add a server and MAC pairing to Yealink RPS. Once the phone boots up, it'll pull the provisioning URL directly from Yealink without users having to input it manually.
  • Polycom VVX 500/600 video codec support
  • Adds ability to set the number of line keys per line for Polycoms

New Models
        - CP920
        - CP960
        - W60B


We're continually working to enhance and improve overall functionally of supported devices. If you don't see your specific feature request addressed in this update, don't worry, even more are coming soon!

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