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  1. 2600Hz will be at Channel Partners and would love to see you! Take a much needed break and stop by our meet and greet on Wednesday, October 10th from 4pm - 7pm in the Loews Hotel Concierge Lounge on the 31st floor. Come enjoy some delicious food and drinks on us! RSVP to let us know you'll be stopping by to say hello. - RSVP HERE
  2. Hey Everyone, We’re excited to announce the Kazoo 4.3 release is currently being upgraded in our back end systems - starting today! This major release will open the door for incredible new functionality - that over the next several weeks will lay the framework to Improve how you manage your business, while providing new revenue opportunities. To ensure a smooth transition and address any real-time issues that may occur, we’ve segmented the upgrade into phases that we'll roll out based on your platform. Hosted Platform Clients: We’ll be kicking off the upgrade with Hosted Platform clients this weekend - please keep in mind as with any upgrade, you may experience some unfamiliar occurrences. Feel free to comment or reply to this post with any questions and our team will do our best to get back to you ASAP. Private Cloud & Global Infrastructure Clients: Please allow 1-2 weeks for quality assessment and refinement with our Hosted Clients. Once all goes well, Kazoo 4.3 will be rolled out to private cloud and global infrastructure clients soon. For more details around the enhancements this release will bring to your platform - check out our recent business partner webinar replay here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6533554671879906049 *Please note: During this webinar - we experienced an Adhoc fire drill about 3/4 of the way through - so there is a short improvisational segment for your enjoyment You can find all the incredible highlights included in 4.3 below: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KAZOO 4.3 - The Highlights Billing Services (and service plans) have received a major overhaul in 4.3. APIs have changed for interacting with services so if any one has built on top of the `service_plans` API, they will need to take note and adjust their code. Ledgers and Transactions: Also received a major lift. Ledgers- Ledgers represent "Kazoo money" not necessarily tied to a financial transaction. Transactions - Transactions are tied to bookkeepers (like Braintree) and charge real money. Faxing New resolution settings to make faxes look really nice. Fax notifications aren't sent when disabled now Improved conversion of PDF<->TIFF Callflows Using multiple Caller ID Prepend actions in the same callflow is fixed Added a 'transfer' callflow to initiate a transfer, mostly for use by Konami Pro Better handling of short-lived calls (calls that end before callflows is properly setup) Dynamic Caller ID works even if no capture group is specified in the feature code pattern Fixes to Temporal rules for "weekly" cycles Parking slot selection fixes Conferences Dynamic conferences track setup config more accurately for each participant APIs File uploads respect max file size properly Fetching recordings using the `accept={CONTENT_TYPE}` query string parameter fixed De-duplicated CSV headers when downloading CSVs Fix Calculating usage charges in ledgers API Calls retrieved from parking slots now show up in the channel listing Check for conflicts in hotdesk IDs; disallow existing IDs being set on another user Storage integration (with dropbox/Google drive/etc) errors are reported back to the user CDR listing timeouts have been addressed Fetching faxes uses the API user's timezone to create the filename instead of UTC Added ability to refresh UI app list (easier maintenance) Fixed token costs bug for API rate limiting to support complex rules again Fixed search API duplication of results Optionally adjust CDR timestamps to match a supplied UTC offset Better handling of file upload multipart headers Routing When using shortdial correction, start validation process over with new the corrected request When using shortdial correction, limit the number of digits that can be corrected Fix setting a CIDR (vs just an IP) for a carrier/SBC ACL Common properties among endpoints are lifted out into global settings, reducing bridge string size (and data transferred over the network) Ignore unhandled events to avoid filling up error logs while waiting for a bridge to terminate OpenCNAM added as a provider for CNAM lookups Voicemail Voicemail setup wizard and the voicemail change PIN prompts only allow 3 attempts before exiting the voicemail system Allow storing voicemail in external databases (via storage plans) Don't end the call when trying to delete a non-existing temporary greeting CNAM Vitelity CNAM added a toggle to use it in Stepswitch processing. Core Check that an IPv4 or IPv6 network is available to be used; otherwise the system shuts down. Soft-deleted docs are ignored by default when fetching from the database (treated as not found) Internal caching now has several strategies for how and when to cache, affecting load on the databases and the Erlang VMs, when a document is being requested by many different processes (a cache stampede). Internationalization UK ringback (and probably others) fixed Braintree Create new subscriptions without descriptions if desired TTS/ASR Add Google TTS and ASR engines as providers Ecallmgr Ecallmgr no longer relies on the sysconf app for config; it uses kapps\_config directly. Fixed issue where previous media terminators were used when requesting no terminators be allowed on playback Rating Add a system-wide toggle to turn on/off notifications when no matching rate can be found. Race condition when importing rates fixed to ensure the task is finished before signalling to the API caller. Pivot TwiML processing updates for dialing into conferences Kamailio Added SBC auto-discovery and ACL updates Engineering `make splchk` and some variants added to help developers spellcheck their code and documentation efforts! Cycle detection much clearer when processing application dependencies Documentation More examples in the API docs of requests and possible responses More usage examples of various features
  3. Happy Friday! As always we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on several product updates and enhancements. If you’ve been attending our weekly business partner calls for paid clients, you may have heard Darren Schreiber - 2600Hz CEO, talk about new and exciting initiatives coming down the pipeline. And we are excited to announce the most recent provisioner updates will be available next week! Here is what you can expect to see: Yealink Device Updates Include: Yealink W60P now supports up to 8 handsets and 8 lines Fixed missing space in Yealink Timezone Names Added audio gain settings for all Yealink handsets Added security checks for .boot files (used for custom config files) Fixed number of combo keys for the T40P/G models Polycom Device Updates Include: Added UI setting for setting default transport types and international dialing Added UI setting for directed call pickup for devices to use Native mode (a popup comes up on Polycom when a call is made to a monitored line) Obihai Device Updates: Added ATA port selection for Obihai ATAs to determine which line rings on which port Fixed off by one account issue for Obihai devices Grandstream Device Updates: Fixed off by one Account issue for Grandstream GXP2160 Fixed Grandstream expire time so the backend handles conversion of seconds to minutes Updated firmwares for Grandstreams and allows for firmware selection Fixed call forwarding on Grandstream GXP21xx Cisco Device Updates: Fixed template issue for Cisco 941 Added the ability to view device activity log and config files for a given device through Advanced Provisioner You should start seeing all these updates on Monday, September 10th. Feel free to comment in our community if you have any questions. Team 2600Hz
  4. Below are release notes for the next update, targeted for - Friday, April 13th after 5:00pm PDT: Fixes Fixes bigcouch issue causing missing MAC indexing doc preventing phone from provisioning Removes v81 firmware for Yealink T4xS series phones because of audio quality issues Adds missing custom config file setting for Yealink T2x phones that support v81+ firmware Fixes issue where Yealink T3x can't retrieve config files due to security update Fixes Yealink timezone name for Australia Fixes missing secondary DNS settings Replaces "current" firmware with "Use own firmware" to remove the confusion and allow users to use firmwares not listed Fixes provisioning URL in the Grandstream GXP21xx template Disables all codecs not set through the UI Fixes bug for Cisco DNS/NAPTR settings Forces Polycoms to always reboot when updating settings Fixes off by one bug with Yealink Combo Keys New Features Security Update All phones now must first be added to Provisioner before entering the provisioning URL. If a device doesn't exist in Provisioner requests it's config files, it'll be banned for an hour. 10 unique failed requests for config files from an IP address will ban the IP for an hour Yealink RPS integration All new Yealink phones added to Provisioner will automatically add a server and MAC pairing to Yealink RPS. Once the phone boots up, it'll pull the provisioning URL directly from Yealink without users having to input it manually. Polycom VVX 500/600 video codec support Adds ability to set the number of line keys per line for Polycoms New Models Yealink - CP920 - CP960 - W60B VTech VCS752 We're continually working to enhance and improve overall functionally of supported devices. If you don't see your specific feature request addressed in this update, don't worry, even more are coming soon!
  5. Hey Everyone, We’re excited to announce the Kazoo 4.2 release is primed and stable for launch! To ensure a smooth transition and address any real-time issues that may occur, we’ve segmented the upgrade into phases that we'll roll out based on your platform. Hosted Platform Clients: We’ll be kicking off the upgrade with Hosted Platform clients this weekend - The update will begin on Sunday, March 25th, 2018 at 10pm PST. No disruption to service is expected. Private Cloud & Global Infrastructure: If all goes well, Kazoo 4.2 will be available to private cloud and global infrastructure clients for upgrade via Cluster Manager next week (remember to let us know before you schedule an upgrade with your clients!). Look for more communications around this soon! Open Source: Over the next week we’ll be promoting 4.2 as stable for all open-source users. Feel free to connect with us in the community if you have any questions. You can find highlights of what’s in 4.2 below: (*Please note that some bugs were also released as part of 4.1 so may already be in your environment if they were deemed urgent.) Feel free to comment or reply to this post with any questions and our team will do our best to get back to you ASAP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What to Expect from the 4.2 Upgrade: Feature Updates, Bug Fixes & More Features We are launching a refreshed login page – complete with social media buttons you can configure in our Branding app! Our Branding app has been redesigned to make it easier to brand your customer’s experience – including previews of the branding. The Voicemail Manager app has been updated to have a more intuitive experience. The Fax Manager app has s sleek new interface to enhance the usability. All email notification templates that are using the system-wide standard will be updated to a new, friendlier, nicer looking format. System admins can now “impersonate” any user on the system they have access to, so that debugging is easier, from Monster UI. Multiple Call Center improvements, including: New Features A new reporting API Added CSV support to reporting API Improved event sending to reduce erroneous warning messages Shortened callid's for recipient dialouts Added ability to load all queues and recipients with single API call Switch from using "Action" field to "Event-Name" to be consistent with other Kazoo applications Added support for tracking non-Qubicle calls Added CCV's with information about queue actions to inbound calls Improved hold-treatment handling Added "Event-Timestamp" to enable events to display correct timers regardless of client time correctness Agent/manager role enforcement in the UI Timers sync’d across different clients/browsers/time zones Visually improve app loading Show problem queues in real time without reloading the app Greater Stability: Improved routing strategies and routing metrics Improved logging for all entities Improved call offer process Simplified session management Improved session join process to prevent timeouts due to network latency Added active session check to prevent "ghost" sessions Improved failure handling during outbound dialing to agents Improved system startup across multiple zones Improved process management across nodes Added sensu checks for Qubicle to monitor telemetry Vulnerability Fixes KAZOO-5848: A sophisticated hacker who gained access to a Kazoo server’s internal RabbitMQ management port, when deployed in a multi-zone configuration, and where RabbitMQ was configured to require a password, could manipulate the WebSockets application to emit the password for RabbitMQ access. This is due to the user/pass being part of the AMQP broker URL itself. These changes were implemented to protect against this: Filter optional AMQP headers prior to exposing externally (#4625) Ensure UI applications that use websocket channel create/answer/destroy events show the current call state properly (primarily Operator Console) The Kamailio team has notified the public of a security vulnerability where a malformed packet can be used to overrun memory space, causing Kamailio to crash. A sophisticated hacker may be able to manipulate memory space for other purposes as well. This is fixed in Kamailio 5.0.4j and higher. Bug Fixes Fixed incorrect failure code for inbound faxes HELP-34413: Inbound faxes show wrong failure code (TX not RX) if there is a failure Improved parking stops efficiency at the account level HELP-34315: Parking Stops working in accounts after repeat create/delete of parking documents Improved VM security HELP-34437: Improve security of voicemail for customers who do not follow our GUI setup process and misconfigure fields, to avoid hacking of insecure voicemail boxes Corrected time of day HELP-34176: Time of Day not working on Mondays in some cases (also fixed in 4.1) Improved Webhook data and compatibility HELP-32874: Webhook data not backward compatible with old CDR format (fixed) Removed duplicate call recording events HELP-33420: Fixed inbound call recording duplicate events Enhanced caller ID settings in Smart PBX HELP-33189: Allow setting Caller ID in SmartPBX for a number in porting state Enhanced VM recording media HELP-34868: Enforce media_source for cf_voicemail when recording voicemail greetings Porting updates HELP-34892: Phone numbers in port_in state are not set to in_service after successful inbound calls Fixed Voicemail-to-email errors HELP-34519: Voicemail-to-Email Notification is disabled: a new voicemail message might be still marked "saved" or "deleted". BLF improvements for *98 Support for BLF on mailbox via *98 + mailbox number Resolved Provisioner Crashes KAZOO-5837: provisioner_v5 crashes when trying to get the label for presence combo key Updated device ring groups KAZOO-5575: Ring group does not check if device is deleted Revised Doodle requirements KAZOO-5636: Doodle should not be a required app, currently kazoo crashes when doodle is not installed Improved email notifications KAZOO-5718: Comments entered in the GUI by the user for a port do not cause an email notification Enhanced ledger query functionality KAZOO-5657: Queries for large number of ledgers can crash kazoo applications Improvements to Call Recording storage Ensure storing call recordings to an HTTP URL works as expected (Google Drive / AWS) Fixed whitelabel upload errors KAZOO-5794: After uploading a new whitelabel logo with Monster UI on sandbox, 404 on the following request to GET the /logo Improved default port templates KAZOO-5717: Default port email templates don't include port messages Refined voicemail retention capabilities KAZOO-5736: As a user I want kazoo voicemail to not count messages older than retention duration Qubicle Fixes Cancel offer timeout when offer is rejected Remove bindings for outbound recipient calls after use Removed "primary_node" field from queue configurations Filter invalid endpoint types before attempting outbound recipient calls Fixed overflow timeout bug Correctly return error codes for failures during outbound dialing to agents Check to prevent duplicate sessions
  6. Hey everyone, As many of you are aware, we’ve been hard at work enhancing our provisioner experience. We have several exciting new updates in the pipeline, but are also catching-up on some older requests. Namely, firmware! We’re pleased to announce that the following firmware versions are now available on Sandbox and can be selected on a per-phone basis for testing. (We're aware many of you want the ability to make mass-edits – so hang tight for that as its on its way!). If you’ve been waiting for the updated firmware releases, they’re here! Here’s what you'll find on sandbox: Polycom VVX We have removed the 5.4.0 firmware because it's not supported on all VVX models. We have added these new firmwares: 5.4.7 5.5.2 5.6.1 5.7.0 These will be marked beta until a sufficient number of users have tested and we worked through the issues. For details on these firmwares, please review Polycom’s firmware matrix at http://downloads.polycom.com/voice/voip/uc_sw_releases_matrix.html Yealink We've added the v82 firmware for testing on T19E2, T21E2, T23G/P, T27G/P, T29G and T4x family phones. This firmware is believed to help resolve issues with parking, voice quality and adds the ability to pair Bluetooth headsets on some models. You can review the notes about Yealink’s releases at http://support.yealink.com/documentFront/forwardToDocumentFrontDisplayPage - scroll down to see the Desktop IP phone section and select your model, then the release notes, for the v82 firmware version. The specific version of Yealink firmwares available, include: 82.0.20 (T19E2, T21E2, T23G/P, T40G, T41P, T42G, T46G, T48G) 82.0.30 (T27G/P, T29G, T41S, T42S, T46S, T48S, T52S, T54S) 81.0.30 (W52P, W56P) General Changes We have also added "Use own firmware" option. This is for clients to manually set firmware themselves – we will not overwrite your firmware settings if you set them on the phone or via an alternate config file yourself. You can test these on the 2600Hz Sandbox. We are scheduling a production update for these changes on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 barring no major reports or issues. We hope you're as excited as we are about the current/upcoming updates. As always feel free to reply, comment and ask questions here in this community forum.
  7. Complete 4.1 Overview: Re-write of BLF (Fundamental re-write of how it works) More robust solution Automatic of flushing BLF indications when call processing is lost (stuck lights) New maintenance commands to clear lights at account, zone and cluster level Notification email retry for failure (the inability to leave our system - NOT the failure to be received) - We are just retrying if email can’t leave our servers. Provides a more reliable notification New maintenance commands to view notifications, status failures, and retries Kamailio Auto Discovery of FS servers Kamilio will automatically manage the dispatcher list Use the command: kazoo-Kamailio status Dbtext is no longer used /etc/kazoo/kamailio/dbtext - Note: if you are doing what you’ve always done, it’s not going to work anymore Make sure your Kamailio is properly federated on a multi-zone cluster to avoid inter zone call looping Kazoo Cluster Status Enhancements Kamailio dispatcher list is now included along with the current dispatcher state for easy trouble-shooting of call routing issues Includes the configured Kamailio roles to easily identify architecture of a cluster. Debug presence information to help balance the presence/blf load Performance Improvements Improvements to CPS Added feature to block anonymous callers We are deprecating the old way of doing this by creating a blacklist with a phone number comprised of all 0’s Please convert to using the new parameter - See our documentation site for more details Features that identify missed calls that didn’t leave a message - No missed opportunities Sponsored by Bluetel Parking enhancements - Changes to how parking is stored in the DB for performance and stability Default email templates have been improved/enhanced/updated This is an opt in. Will NOT be automatic - will require sys admins to run a command and sub resellers that have white labeled to reset their templates (using the branding app) On hosted this is not opt in. If you have not white-labeled the templates, expect them to change once the update occurs Any customization made will be lost - test on sandbox Improved email to voicemail templates (highly requested feature) Identifies the actual VM box Account info provided at bottom Format phone numbers: You can now identify the country for local calls Quest for internationalization Various ways to format. Users can configure to see numbers from various countries in more comfortable display formats Improved user experience Storage Integrations (Google drive, AWS (store VM/Fax storage) Call recording, voicemails, faxing all included More to come on integrations (GD, AWS, etc) in next few months Call Recording Ability to turn on/off at the account, user and device level for inbound, outbound, internal and external Changing call flows no longer required Ability to use first storage integrations in the platform (google drive, AWS) Port Submission (now a port history can be pulled) Complete revamp. More user friendly, greater reliability, can view a timeline of all porting events Multi factor authentication integrations Starting with DUO for user login Things to be Aware of: When installing any RPM in CentOS you should always watch for warnings about “.rpmnew” files during the install process. In this particular case, it is critical you resolve these warnings or Kazoo will not start. This is due to how the cookie management for Erlang is managed, which has changed. Specifically: Watch out for .rpmnew files in /etc/kazoo/kamailio If these are not resolved - Kamilio will not start, BLF will not work, won’t discover freeswitch servers Watch out for .rpmnew files in /etc/kazoo/core Changes to vm.args is resulting in RPMnew files that will keep kazoo from starting - simply overwrite the vm.args with vm.args.rpmnew No longer edit vm.args Upgrade Schedule & Details For those on our Hosted Platform, the intended release date is the weekend of September 9th, 2017 (look for specific maintenance window notices as we get closer to that weekend for exact times). For Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure clients, we will begin assisting with your upgrades after September 12th, once our rollout to hosted platform has been completed and is stable. All paid 2600Hz customers are strongly encouraged to review the new applications and updates on our sandbox servers, prior to the rollout of this version, to ensure you understand the new features and are able to ask questions before updates are visible to customers. Let us know if you have any questions surrounding the 4.1 Release and look for upcoming emails and announcements with more details. Team 2600Hz
  8. In efforts to improve communications around upcoming updates in provisioner, we'll be announcing any and all activity with Provisioner in our new 2600Hz community. Below are the release notes for the next update which will be implemented business hours on Friday, July 28th: Moved Firmwares to a dedicated server separate from the Provisioning server. Firmwares are still on the Provisioner server, but firmwares.2600hz.com is where all future firmware updates are going. Anyone white labeling firmware url needs to update their DNS to point to the new urls Fixed Provisioner and Firmware url white labeling bug Updated Polycom config to use full url for firmwares Added missing GXP21xx setting for Codec Negotiation Priority Added multiple firmware support for Grandstream GXP21xx and 1.0.8 firmware Fixed defaults required for using faxing on Grandstream ATAs Fixes bug in Grandstream where Intercom settings were missing Fixed wrong default dialplan for Grandstreams Added T27G, T4xS series phones, T49G, T5x series phones and v81 firmware for all phones that support it Added "Auto" to Combo Key Account dropdown selector to avoid initial confusion about which account the key inherits. Fixed typo for Yealink T26 firmware filename Fixed bug in Yealink dialplan for star codes Set default firmware for W52P and W56P to v80 instead of v73 due to W56P not supporting v73 We're continually working to enhance and improve overall functionally of supported devices. If you don't see your specific feature request addressed in this update, don't worry, even more are coming soon!
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