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    Join 2600Hz CEO, Darren Schreiber and CTO, Karl Andersen as they walk through the evolution of the KAZOO platform and how its changing the telephony landscape. More details - https://twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly
  2. In efforts to improve communications around upcoming updates in provisioner, we'll be announcing any and all activity with Provisioner in our new 2600Hz community. Below are the release notes for the next update which will be implemented business hours on Friday, July 28th: Moved Firmwares to a dedicated server separate from the Provisioning server. Firmwares are still on the Provisioner server, but firmwares.2600hz.com is where all future firmware updates are going. Anyone white labeling firmware url needs to update their DNS to point to the new urls Fixed Provisioner and Firmware url white labeling bug Updated Polycom config to use full url for firmwares Added missing GXP21xx setting for Codec Negotiation Priority Added multiple firmware support for Grandstream GXP21xx and 1.0.8 firmware Fixed defaults required for using faxing on Grandstream ATAs Fixes bug in Grandstream where Intercom settings were missing Fixed wrong default dialplan for Grandstreams Added T27G, T4xS series phones, T49G, T5x series phones and v81 firmware for all phones that support it Added "Auto" to Combo Key Account dropdown selector to avoid initial confusion about which account the key inherits. Fixed typo for Yealink T26 firmware filename Fixed bug in Yealink dialplan for star codes Set default firmware for W52P and W56P to v80 instead of v73 due to W56P not supporting v73 We're continually working to enhance and improve overall functionally of supported devices. If you don't see your specific feature request addressed in this update, don't worry, even more are coming soon!