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  • Dial Plan Manager Overview


    Dial Plan Manager allows you to create rules to modify outgoing phone call numbers. This is especially useful for appending international prefixes to phone numbers, saving the caller time in entering them.

    The Dial Plan Manager applies rules whenever an outgoing telephone number matches a specified pattern. These rules can be applied per Account, User, or by Device. Either prefixes or suffixes can be added to outgoing calls.

    Powerful and Highly Customizable - Regular Expressions (pattern matching rules) determine which numbers will be modified by the Dial Plan Manager.

    For example:A customer based in France does not use any prefixes and only places calls to local phone numbers. Typically, the customer would have to type a prefix in order to place a call. However, with Dialplan Manager, you can configure a new rule that will allow the customer to dial as if they were located within the country, kipping the prefix and country code.




    Powerful and Highly Customizable

    The Regular Expression editor, gives you the ability to support call flows natively from/to any country in the world.


    Easy to Test

    When creating your rule, you can test the Regular Expression with our easy-to-use tester, catching any typos that might hinder your call going through properly.


    Fine Level of Control

    Customize rules on an account, user, and even device basis.

    Technical Specifications

    International Support

    • Configure any Country
    • Easy Set-Up

    Custom Rules

    • Support for local country rule examples:
    • 7 Digit Dialing in the US 8 Digit dialing in France…

    Prefix and Suffix support

    • Support for prefixing numbers
    • Support for adding a suffix to a number
    • Support for dropping parts of a number

    High Level of Control

    • UI Can Define Rules for:
    • An Entire Account A Specific End-User A Single or Multiple Devices

    Test Tool

    • Test your Regular Expression in the GUI before applying the ruleset.

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