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    Smart PBX

    Call Center Pro

    Porting Manager   Comm.land   Dynamic Caller ID CallThru.us


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  • Fax Manager Overview


    The Fax Manager gives full control over your fax logs and acts as a central administration hub for managing and downloading all real-time fax logs.

    You can view and manage fax activities across users. The Fax Manager platform allows visibility across all inbound, outbound, and fax-to-email transactions.

    You can bulk delete faxes from the database, recover missing logs, download fax conversions, and view status of faxes sent.




    Inbound Fax Control

    Dependable, real-time dashboard that provides activity reporting of all inbound faxes received, lost fax transmitions and sender/receiver information and more. You can also filter search capabilities and review fax activites both past and present.


    Outbound Fax Assurance

    You have visibility across mailboxes for all recipients. Each user can have faxes delivered to their own personal fax number. Faxes are delivered conveniently to the email box. Download onversion activities, contact info and confirmation details.


    Fax to Email Analysis

    Fax to email is a seemless interface that hosts every fax to email transaction. You can analyze delivery activities, locate missing faxes, obtain time stamp stats and troubleshoot uncertain fax activities through detailed transaction data.


    Instant Download of all Fax Log Activity

    You can download personal fax reports and receive real-time activity data of all inbound, outbound and fax-to-email transactions. Reports can be downloaded immediately and customize the data by the specific need.

    Technical Specifications

    Inbound Faxes

    • Select Multiple Faxes
    • Filter to a Specific Faxbox
    • Refresh
    • Filter Dates (Custom Dates)
    • Search
    • Download Fax
    • View Fax Details

    Outbound Faxes

    • Support for local country rule examples:
    • Select Multiple Faxes
    • Filter to a Specific Faxbox
    • Refresh
    • Filter Dates (Custom Ddates)
    • Download Fax
    • View Fax Details
    • Retry Send

    Support Procedures

    • User Experiences a UI Error
    • User is Unable to See any Faxes
    • User is Unable to Resend Faxes
    • Outbound Fax Delivery Failures
    • Inbound Fax Delivery Failures
    • Fax to Email Delivery Failures

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