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    Welcome our Monster UI Apps Resource Pages!
    Below is a list of the applications developed by 2600Hz for KAZOO using the Monster UI Interface and documentation related to it. 
    If you have a question that is not covered here, check out our community forums.  

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    Smart PBX

    Call Center Pro

    Porting Manager   Comm.land   Dynamic Caller ID CallThru.us


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  • Porting Manager FAQ


    1. What is the Porting Manager for?

    Congratulations, you are about to start on a great new communications experience! The Porting manager is the first step to transferring your existing phone numbers to the 2600hz ecosystem and to manage the progress of your port orders. You will submit a formal request to our carrier(s) to move your numbers and billing, and you will register your numbers with 2600hz. Note the transfer process can take up to 30 days, so make sure to give yourself enough time.

    2. How do I access the Porting Manager?

    Go to Your Apps and click on Port Manager icon.  If you don’t see it, go to the App Exchange and turned on.

    3. What is the branding manager application, where do I find it?

    The branding application is typically part of your original setup.   It allows you to personalize your Kazoo implementation using your brand colors, logo, domain etc. It can be turned on in the App Exchange and/or found in your Apps list.  Choose the Branding icon and step through its setup.  There are several documents related to your branding process here.  

    4. Why do I need to reset my branding page before porting my numbers?

    If you customized your porting template(s) before a more recent branding app enhancement was released, it’s possible some of the new features and calls to its parameters need to be realigned. A common indicator that you need to update (reset to default then add customizations again) is if you receive a comment email that doesn’t include the message.

    5. While porting my numbers I sent a comment in the comment field to 2600hz. The copy I received in email showed a blank page. How do I solve this?

    This is likely because your branding template uses an earlier set of parameters and is not mapping to some of the newer features correctly. To solve this, go to the branding application’s template section.  Go to the Port Comment template, open, select the double cog/wheel icon and choose ‘force system defaults’  once complete, add your customizations.

    6. How do I set up numbers for different office locations?

    To keep track of different office locations within a single account, we recommend deciding on a naming convention that reflects this. For example:

    • ABC Company – San Francisco
    • ABC Company – Denver
    • ABC Company – New York

    7. How do I include international offices / phone #s?

    International port requests will need to be submitted manually by 2600hz, as they have unique requirements. Please send a support request to support@2600hz.com.  Include the account the port order is for and attach an LOA and bill copy dated within the last 30 days.

    8. When can I cancel my old account?

    It’s best to wait until you’ve received verification of the port. If you cancel early there’s a risk you will lose your number and not be able to recover it.

    9. I just received a bill from my previous carrier, why?

    There are a few reasons you may still be receiving a bill from your previous carrier:

    • You may have ported only a partial list of your numbers. Check to see if the bill amount has been adjusted to match the current list.
    • Their billing cycle may have been set to before you received confirmation of the changes and requested cancellation. We recommend you wait until confirmation, there may be some overlap.

    10. I requested a date of June 1 for a changeover and have not received any confirmation.

    The date you request during the porting process is the Target Date. Once your request is received, the losing carrier will review the information and send a Final Order Confirmation date.  While 2600hz makes every effort to honor your requested date, there are times when unforeseen events happen that can cause a delay. Please review the process and make sure you’ve completed it correctly. Some of the more common reasons for a delay are below

    • Submitted information on carrier billing doesn’t match carrier’s information
      • Account Number
      • Account/Business Name
      • Service Address
      • Billing Telephone Number (BTN)
      • Authorized End User
    • Submitted numbers don’t match customer’s numbers, often due to a typo
    • Recent copy of bill from existing carrier is older than 30 days
    • Copy of Letter of Authorization was not signed/dated, incomplete or is older than 30 days

    11. Who do I contact about status in the porting process?

    • Check the “Progress” tab in the application for any notes or updates
    • Contact your current carrier to see if they have processed/approved the porting from their end.
    • If you have any questions while submitting a request, use the comments field in the last step of the porting submission.

    12.  If I need to save my port to submit at a later time, can I do this?  Or do I need to start over later?

    Yes, you can save it once you get as far as the numbers screens.  Simply click the Save & Continue Later button.  When you go back in to complete the port, you will find it in you Suspended tab as shown below.
    Porting - Save and Resume port request.png

    13.  How will I know if my port has been rejected?

    Rejected ports can be seen in the Completed tab, as show below.  The port will show as Canceled, and if you click on it, it will expand the request showing the rejection reason.




    14.  Which carriers are being used for automation? 

    Currently, Bandwidth is the only carrier being used for Automated Porting.  There is no ETA on the others.

    15.  Should I still submit tickets for porting?

    No, tickets should no longer be submitted for porting.  Porting is now directly between you and the Carrier in order to remove the middleman (Support).  Your support team will still be available to assist in the event of a problem.

    16.  What format do I need to use for my LOA and the copy of the bill? 

    The LOA and the bill MUST be in PDF format.  This is a carrier requirement, not 2600Hz.



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