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    Below is a list of the applications developed by 2600Hz for KAZOO using the Monster UI Interface and documentation related to it. 
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    Smart PBX

    Call Center Pro

    Porting Manager   Comm.land   Dynamic Caller ID CallThru.us


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  • Reseller Reporting Overview


    Reseller Reporting provides billing and usage information as Excel documents for each customer.

    These documents are typically used for customer billing, but also may be useful for adjusting prices based on usage.We allow you to charge your customers any amount you wish. The freedom of how you bill your clients is yours!

    For example, as a reseller, you may be billed $24.99 for trunks, however you might be charging your customers $29.99.

    You may even charge your customers for usage/features that 2600Hz doesn’t charge for to gain additional profit!

    Customers may have both recurring charges and usage charges – which is where you can decide your billing strategy. Reseller Reporting shows what 2600Hz charges, but doesn’t calculate what you might charge.

    With one click, you may run a report for all of your subaccounts or even for subsets of your accounts. Additionally, summaries may be grouped by country for each sub account and edited in excel to fit your needs.




    One Click Reporting

    Getting a report on accounts is really easy! It’s as simple as selecting the desired accounts, report period and choosing an email destination for the report to be sent to.



    You are free to oversubscribe your customers, meaning you are able to sell more services than you actually have under the assumption that not everyone will use the services at the same time. If services are overused at the same time, resellers are billed overages as standard per-minute usage.


    CSV Summary of all Accounts

    Along with reports of individual accounts, Reseller Reporting delivers a CSV file of a summary of all of the usage on all of the selected accounts.


    Flat-Rate vs Per-Minute Price Flexibility

    Usage is detailed to be either “flat-rate” or “perminute,” however you can choose to bill your clients however you want, at your desired rate, despite the way you are billed by 2600Hz.


    Rates Per Country

    In order to monitor international usage, you are able to break down your customer’s usage by country. This is also available in a summarized view of the automatically generated CSV.

    Technical Specifications

    Creating Report

    • Choose which accounts to include in your report
    • Choose report period
    • Define where to send the report

    Report Details

    • CDR Report:
    • Date/time
    • Call ID
    • (From) Caller ID
    • To Number
    • Billing Minutes
    • Rate
    • Rate Name
    • Reseller Call Type
    • Reseller Cost
    • Customer Call Type
    • Customer Cost
    • Reseller Cost Breakdown

    Report Summary Details

    • Quantity of items accounts are utilizing:
    • Account ID
    • Name
    • Branding-White-Label
    • Tollfree US Phone Numbers
    • US DIDs
    • Dedicated IPs
    • E-911
    • Outbound CNAM
    • Inbound CNAM
    • Ports
    • Local Number Services
    • Two-way Trunks
    • Inbound Trunks
    • Outbound Trunks
    • SIP Devices
    • Landline Devices
    • Cellphone Devices
    • Softphone Devices
    • Users
    • User Admins
    • Ledgers Per Minute

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