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    Below is a list of the applications developed by 2600Hz for KAZOO using the Monster UI Interface and documentation related to it. 
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    Smart PBX

    Call Center Pro

    Porting Manager   Comm.land   Dynamic Caller ID CallThru.us


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  • User Portal Product Overview


    Today’s users demand more control of their phone system than ever before. Administrators are tasked with providing these features while avoiding complicated user interfaces and instructions for end-users.

    The User Portal app gives you all of your personalized communications information in one place. View corporate contacts, manage voicemails and faxes, see devices registered, and more. All without exposing end-users to complexities of the entire platform.

    The User Portal’s UI is easy to navigate. You can ensure devices are online and registered.

    You can view and listen to voicemails, see who has sent you a fax and download the fax online, or delete it from your fax mailbox.

    In addition, if you have changing needs, you can modify incoming call handling settings such as call forwarding or simultaneous ringing across devices.

    User Portal also exposes an advanced personal conference bridge system, allowing you to manage your own dedicated conference bridge. See who has called in, manage user access to the conference and see who is talking, real-time.





    Device Status and Configuration

    You can view a visual representation of the devices configured and assigned to you. Additionally, you get a thumbs up if the phone is operating normally, and a thumbs down if the device is offline.




    You can set your own call forwarding number or configure their voicemail to email settings. You can manipulate Caller ID handling on forwarded calls to help identify work calls on your personal number.


    Conference bridges

    You can set your own pins and manage moderators for every conference. Every call is tracked, and every device that connects is shown. You have real-time control on conference using lock, mute, unmute and hangup options.


    Contact list

    You have your own list of contact numbers, in addition to direct dialing out of the UI.



    You can search or select voicemails from the list in order to view and manage them. You can download any visible voicemail message by clicking on the Download icon, which will download a .WAV file to your desktop.

    Technical Specifications


    • Supports multiple voicemail boxes
    • View and sort the user’s voicemails by date, numbers or duration
    • Search for voicemails within that list
    • Listen to the user’s voicemails directly in the app
    • Download any voicemail as an mp3 file
    • Mark any voicemail as new, listened, or deleted
    • Real-time MWI sync with the user’s devices

    Call History

    • View and sort the user’s past calls by date, number/caller ID, or duration
    • Search for calls within that list
    • Filter the user’s call history to view calls within a specific date and time range


    • View and sort the user’s faxes by direction, date, faxboxes or numbers
    • Search for faxes within that list
    • Filter the list to view faxes within a specific date and time range
    • Download any fax as pdf

    Contact List

    • View and sort the user’s contacts by name, extension or number
    • Search for contacts within that list
    • Call anyone from any of the user’s registered devices by using by clicking on their number in the user’s contact list or simply typing the number thanks to the QuickCall feature


    • View whether the conference is currently active as well as its duration
    • View the current Moderators and Participants in the user’s conference live thanks to websockets
    • Perform actions on the whole conference room such as Lock, Mute/Unmute or Hangup
    • View the Call-in number for conferences in the account, as well as the user’s conference number
    • Set up different PINs for moderators and participants
    • Choose whether the participants will join the conference muted/deaf.
    • Choose whether to play an entry and/or exit tone


    • View and sort the user’s devices by registration status, name, type or mac address


    • Enable/Disable call forwarding:
    • Choose the forwarding target
    • Choose whether to also ring the user’s VoIP phone
    • Choose whether to keep the Caller ID
    • Enable/Disable voicemail-to-email
    • Choose the email address to send the user’s voicemails to

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