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    Welcome our Monster UI Apps Resource Pages!
    Below is a list of the applications developed by 2600Hz for KAZOO using the Monster UI Interface and documentation related to it. 
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    Smart PBX

    Call Center Pro

    Porting Manager   Comm.land   Dynamic Caller ID CallThru.us


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  • Webhooks Overview


    2600Hz Webhooks enables developers to build rigourious intergrations that rely on real time, non-critical notifications from KAZOO.

    Webhooks sends a HTTP, GET, or POST notification to a URL defined by you when certain events occur on a system.

    A list of notification that Webhooks can send are:

    • Inbound/ Outbound Calls
    • Call Anwsered/ Ended
    • Bridged Calls
    • Call Parked
    • Inbound/ Outbound Fax
    • Callflow Triggered
    • Object Triggered (eg. Users, Devices)

    Developer Examples:

    • Inform my service that a customer pressed “1” to accept charges.
    • Update a work tracking system from a standard telephone. (eg. Hotel Staff dial *179 to confirm checkout)
    • Track agent/ sales performance in an external system.
    • Load a customer profile on an agents CRM software when they call in.



    Easily Setup Your Webhooks in the UI

    All you need to do to add a new Webhook is pick the trigger event and the URL you want to send it to and give it a nickname. From that point your system will start receiving those notifications in real-time.


    Log Channel Request

    You can see the history of event notifications, which makes it much easier when trouble shooting to make sure that KAZOO is sending the events you expect.


    Enable/ Disable Webhooks

    If Webhooks notifications fail to reach your service too many times, they will automatically shut off. In the UI, you can easily see and manage which Webhooks are enabled and even re-enable multiple failed Webhooks at a time.


    Add Custom Data

    Does your data need more context? We give you an extra field so you can attach whatever metadata you need to the event. This means that when your service receives the event, it has the extra info your service your service needs to interpret it properly.


    Personal Conference Rooms

    You can have your own conference bridge and unique pin. This prevents you from having to schedule conference "rooms". Use the conference whenever you like - it's always available.

    Technical Specifications

    Audio Codec Support

    • G729
    • G711a / G711u
    • GSM
    • G722/G722.1 @ 16khz/32kHz (HD)
    • Siren @ 48kHz/64kHz (HD+)
    • OPUS
    • Speex @16khz/32khz

    Video Codec Support*

    • H261
    • H263
    • H264
    • VP8
    • * No transcoding

    Caller ID Support

    • Internal Caller ID
    • External Caller ID
    • Emergency 911 Caller ID (per station)

    Hold Music

    • Customizable hold music (.mp3 or .wav)
    • Customizable on a per-user basis


    • Individual voicemail boxes per user
    • Voicemail to Email Notifications
    • Personalized Voicemail Name, Greeting

    Dial Restrictions

    • Restrict dialing to configurable list of areas
    • Examples:
    • Toll-free Caribbean / Virgin Islands International

    Audio Encryption

    • ZRTP
    • SRTP

    Conference Services

    • Per-user private conference rooms
    • Main conference number

    Virtual Receptionist

    • Main number configurable by time period
    • Open, Closed, Lunch Hour Periods Vacation Holiday Routing
    • Configurable Callflows per Time Period
    • Route to Main Menu Route to Group, go to Menu on no answer Route to Group, then voicemail
    • Graphical Menu Configuration Tool

    Call Logs

    • Intuitive Call Log Tool
    • Shows per-call history Includes success/fail code of each call Includes result for each individual phone Tracks call transfers throughout call

    User Features

    • Caller-ID Number, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Hot Desking, Voicemails, Faxbox, Conference Bridge, Find me Follow me, Music-on-Hold

    Fax Services

    • Individual inbound fax mailboxes, per user
    • Faxes delivered as emails w/ attachments

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