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    Welcome our Monster UI Apps Resource Pages!
    Below is a list of the applications developed by 2600Hz for KAZOO using the Monster UI Interface and documentation related to it. 
    If you have a question that is not covered here, check out our community forums.  

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    Smart PBX

    Call Center Pro

    Porting Manager   Comm.land   Dynamic Caller ID CallThru.us


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  • Zapier STEP Guide

    To download a .pdf, click the link at the bottom of this page.


    What is Zapier?

    Zapier is an online service which easily allows you to automate your work. Using Zapier and KAZOO together gives you enormous power to have KAZOO “talk” with other online applications such as Outlook, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack.

    Before you Start

    • Get familiar with Zapier and check to see if your company has a Zapier account.
    • If so, have your Zapier account number available.

    Quick Steps

    • Go to www.zapier.com and sign up for a Zapier account.   It is free.  If you already have an account you can skip this step. 

      zapier create account.png


    • Contact support@2600hz.com. Include your Zapier account information when you contact us.  Once we share the KAZOO App with you, you’ll receive an email with the subject “New Invitation to KAZOO” and the following body.  Click on the link and you should see the image below.

      Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 11.45.05 AM.png


    • After you've accepted the invitation from 2600Hz, you'll be prompted to "Accept Invite & Build a Zap".  For your first Zap you’ll be asked to enter your KAZOO credentials; Zapier will save these for future use. 


    You'll also notice that KAZOO now shows up in the list of apps in Zapier when creating new Zaps.  


    To download a .pdf click the link below:
    2600Hz Zapier Step Guide 08-06-2019.pdf

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