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  1. It allows you to ship phones directly to the site from your distributor.  They plug it in, and boom. they are up. Zero Touch Provisioning.  Also, if a phone gets messed up because a user was playing with it.... just hold the ok button down and reset it to factory, pulls the re-direct from yealink, booo ya'.   But yealink's RPS has been know to get stupid and not respond to some firmware versions.  The Polycom ZTP works much better.  And DHCP options works best of all.  Polycom and Yealink both have custom DHCP options.
  2. Many of our clients use our routers.  Our routers do have DHCP Options.   The polycom ZTP and Yealink RDS have sometimes failed me when I am doing a roll out. I would like the onsite router to tell the phone where to go. I have never been able to get this to work with http://p3.zswitch.net/   I know that 2600hz uses http instead of ftp.  I am lost. We use Polycom and Yealink. twith http://p3.zswitch.net/  
  3. Is there a way to create a report with the user email addresses? I am trying to create list to communicate updates, promotions, etc to our clients,
  4. Who do we contact about getting a CSR for SSL connection to the monster portal when using Cnam forwarding to ui.zswitch.net?
  5. I am unable to find it.  I have a client that uses a lot of Soft Phones and I am unable to find the "Notify when unregistered" option.  I see it for VOIP PHONE but not for Soft Phone.  So.. I am getting a lot of unregistered emails.  This option is not available in Kazoo nor Monster for Softphone
  6. OK, I read up on this a bit.  I am feeling a little inadequate.  I understand the concept, but I do not understand how to set it up in the kazoo platform.  And I am assuming that the provisioner does not have that field to push it to the phones.
  7. Awesome.  Thanks.  I forgot that we had that.  Are they using Polycom or Yealink?
  8. New client, small school.  No paging system.  Would like to page "all".  I know intercom works phone to phone.... But can we create a page group and use the intercom function?
  9. Is there a way, yet, to purge a voicemail box of existing messages?
  10. Confirmed..The ATA work around, using a grandstream Handytone or Cisco Spa does work.  But a Snom PA1 is almost at the same price point and is designed just for this.
  11. We use the Snom PA1 to interface with Amps.   Solid, tried and true.  Works on POE or adapter
  12. You can use your own company information.  They just need proof that they are the current users of the number.  The winning carrier knows who they have to contact just by doing a DID lookup.  Account number is the the account number that you assigned to them.  It could just be their main DID or their name.  Just end them an invoice with the DIDs on it and your fine.
  13. Ahh, the freaky half tab with useless settings.  That is my pesky little friend.  It looks like a hidden gem, but very disappointing when I click on it.
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