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  1. I was able to use streaming audio Music on Hold option via Advanced Callflows>Misc>Account's Music on Hold. Selected the Stream URL option and entered the link as shout://icstream01.thepleaseholdgroup.com:8000/phgteststream Just had to replace http:// with shout:// on the link. Tested successfully with calls on hold, parked calls and call transfers!
  2. Is the file size limit for MOH different than the limit for audio greetings? We tell out customer's that the audio file specifications are mp3 format less than 3MB in size Royalty Free
  3. These links are not working. Now it seems some of them are working. Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0
  4. How do we go about impersonating a user in Monster UI SmartPBX? REF: System admins can now “impersonate” any user on the system they have access to, so that debugging is easier, from Monster UI.
  5. We are able to control this on our provisioning server cfg file(s) using the following. Set to 0 to disable. attendant.behaviors.display.spontaneousCallAppearances.normal="1" attendant.behaviors.display.spontaneousCallAppearances.automata="1"
  6. Thanks FASTDEVICE! We had to use this today as we found that the Feature Code, Directed Extension Pickup *87, is not working where it was in the past. Note: We use Polycom VVX phones with hosted 2600Hz PBX. We also use our own provisioning server for custom additions; background logos, Company Directories and user saved settings etc. Here's what we configured and successfully tested. Added line buttons via Advanced Provisioner>Device>Feature Keys. (entered line Label, Address extension number and used Normal Type. Ex Jon Doe 1001, 1001, Normal) Added these line parameters to our site.cfg file on our provisioning server. attendant.behaviors.display.spontaneousCallAppearances.normal="1" attendant.behaviors.display.spontaneousCallAppearances.automata="1" call.directedCallPickupMethod="native" call.directedCallPickupString="" voIpProt.SIP.strictReplacesHeader="0" dialplan.removeEndOfDial="0" dialplan.digitmap="*xxT|xxxxT|[2-9]11|0T|011xxx.T|[1][2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxT|x.T|*xx.T|**xx.T" Restarted phones and tested successfully. Sent the following instructions to our customer. Call Pick Up via phone line buttons on your phone - Instructions for picking up an incoming call to another user’s extension Call Pick Up feature is available for those users who have line buttons configured on their phones. This allows user phone presence, call pickup and speed dialing. When call rings in to one of these user’s extensions, line button will light up blinking red. User will also see screen pop up of Incoming Call to extension number from a number. Press the Pickup soft key displayed on phone to answer, then pickup handset or leave on speaker.
  7. Mc, Thanks, the Operator Console issues were resolved by 2600Hz team.
  8. Our customers are reporting issue with Operator Console Pro app this morning. They are unable to transfer calls, drop down does not work within the app. One customer could no longer open the app, nothing happens when they click on it. They have troubleshooted by restarting pc's, trying other browsers and clearing browser cache but no luck. I am setting their user rights from User to Admin to see if this will work for now as this has helped in the past after updates/upgrades.
  9. Thanks for the update Chris! We look forward to checking this out.
  10. Anything new on providing Barge feature? We have many customers requesting Barge feature. We also use Barge on a daily basis on our legacy phones.
  11. We are receiving many (30+) email notices of accounts running out of credit, however these accounts do have existing credit with good credit balances.  Email Example: The account "ABC" has less than $5.00 of credit remaining. Current Balance: $50.00 If the account runs out of credit it will not be able to make or receive per-minute calls. Same thing occurred on Jan 1, 2017 and now, on Jan 31, 2017. Looks like we can safely ignore these email notices.   Will this be addressed?
  12. Hello Isaac, Yes, customer is still having issues.  We are learning that they do a heavy volume of faxing, sometimes up to 250 pages a day.  They are a law firm.  They are shopping around for another fax solution. We do offer another platform for faxing to our clients but we acquired this client and they would of course like to avoid paying for faxing.  
  13. faxes being sent are blurry, recipient unable to read fax We have a customer who notified us that they are having issues with blurry faxes.  Anyone else experience this with Monster Faxbox?  Seems the more pages, the blurrier each page gets. First I've heard of this.
  14. Automate Call Forwarding when Customer's Internet is Down? Our customer is asking us to set auto call forwarding if their internet is down.  They want to have calls to their main number automatically transfer to another number if their internet is down. Is this possible?  Anyone doing this? Thanks for any input. Marie
  15. Just reaching out to see if anyone in the community is using or has a customer using Voicemail to Text.  We have a customer who would like to have this option in the future.  Any plans for 2600hz to add feature in the future? Thanks all, Marie
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