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  1. Marie

    KAZOO 4.2 Upgrade Highlights

    How do we go about impersonating a user in Monster UI SmartPBX? REF: System admins can now “impersonate” any user on the system they have access to, so that debugging is easier, from Monster UI.
  2. Marie

    KAZOO 4.3 Upgrade Highlights

    Mc, Thanks, the Operator Console issues were resolved by 2600Hz team.
  3. Marie

    KAZOO 4.3 Upgrade Highlights

    Our customers are reporting issue with Operator Console Pro app this morning. They are unable to transfer calls, drop down does not work within the app. One customer could no longer open the app, nothing happens when they click on it. They have troubleshooted by restarting pc's, trying other browsers and clearing browser cache but no luck. I am setting their user rights from User to Admin to see if this will work for now as this has helped in the past after updates/upgrades.