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  1. Thanks a bunch everybody! Great ideas! We're going to setup a couple of these up and see what we like for ease of use and setup. Again, thanks so much for your help.
  2. We have a couple of clients who have asked if there's an easy way to manually "close" their office for a short time (impromptu meetings, unscheduled lunches, etc) without having to change their office hours schedule or enter a holiday. Lots of traditional systems have a short code for overriding the schedules and that's what they're looking for. Example, there's a company meeting that might last 20 minutes, or maybe 2 hours. How can someone quickly and easily roll the phones to a closed message or menu and then un-roll them once the meeting is done? Thanks.
  3. Is there a procedure for requesting/gaining access to the sandbox system? Thanks in advance. Travis
  4. Just to add to that Karl... In cases where we need to set the caller id via Monster while waiting on a port, we've been able to open a ticket with 2600hz and have them pre-populate the number for us. It will be nice when that's automated as Darren mentioned, but they can do it for you manually now, just via a ticket. Hope that helps!
  5. We have deployed only one of those, but I remember we had the exact same issue. Unfortunately I don't have access the config remotely, but I'm thinking it was in the auto answer settings where we fixed it. If you don't have any luck with it, I'll see if I can get ahold of the config we have. Good luck!
  6. Darren coming through as usual! That did it, thanks!
  7. Does anyone have a quick guide on setting up a Grandstream HT702 ATA adapter? I've setup several HT704 devices without issue, but I've tried two different HT702 devices and both of them register just fine but can't dial out. Both of them can receive calls without issue, but both receive a fast busy when dialing out and the calls don't show up in the CDRs. I've never had this issue with the HT704s and they're setup identical. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Travis
  8. Is it possible to move an account from one reseller to another or just from a reseller up a level directly under the root (our) account? I know this doesn't effect the functionality, just trying to keep things tidy in our interface. Has anyone ever accomplished this or had support perform an action like this for you?
  9. Good thought Michael. I suppose that might work in a scenario where the main number routes to a single phone, but we have lots of customers whose main number routes to a ring group. Maybe we would just have to be selective about which customers we enabled this feature for.
  10. How will the system determine if the customer's Internet is down?
  11. We've been doing this for a while with Yealink phones as well, for the same reasons stated by Karl.  The paging in the Kazoo UI is easy to setup and use, but the delay drives people crazy when waiting for the function to answer, and then hearing their delayed voice while they are trying to speak.  We switched to using the multicast features on the Yealink phones about a year ago and it works great, just a little more involved to setup and manage since we can't use the Provisioner to do it.
  12. Perfect, thanks for your help! Do you know if it will eventually be added back to the normal device config page for quicker access?
  13. Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but I couldn't find anything on it. We recently setup a new customer using the Monster UI and about half of their devices are soft phones on laptop/tablet devices. Now we're getting emails all day and night every time one of the soft phone devices un-registers. In the previous interface there was a checkbox on the device configuration page for "Notify when unregistered" which would prevent these notifications when unchecked. I don't see that option in Monster anywhere. Was that an intentional change or is there an option elsewhere that I haven't stumbled upon yet? Thanks. Travis
  14. Is the migration app in the help documents live? I don't see it in the ui anywhere so either I'm missing something or it's not there yet. Just checking, has anyone been able to access/use it? Thanks in advance.
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