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  1. Any updates to the dynamic location 911 routing? I seem to recall it mentioned that something like this was being worked on where we would be able to merge in address 2 data dynamically. We need this.
  2. I was trying to think if there was a clever way to use CAMP for this. However, I don't think you can camp an active call. https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/callflow/doc/camping_feature/
  3. The setting to allow the same account to register multiple times has been turned off since Kazoo essentially generates revenue based on the number of accounts that get setup. As I understand it, you can register multiple devices using the same account. However, whichever device was the last one to check in to the cluster is likely the device that will receive any inbound calls. You can for example, create a generic account configured to dial out as a secondary phone number and register this one account onto multiple devices at the same time. Any outbound calls placed to this account should work normally. It would be the incoming calls that would generate a problem. However, in this use case, you may not require inbound calling since the main priority is the ability to switch phone numbers for an outbound call easily.
  4. It looks like you can provision some changes around this. See here: http://forum.yealink.com/forum/showthread.php?mode=linear&tid=1474&pid=#pid
  5. For the T33G there is an issue around white noise generation where you can hear a sort of sine loop audio in the back ground. The newest firmware fixes most of this. It is actually a sort of sine loop audio that phases high and low. You can hear it when you pick up the handset and remove the dial tone in while the handset is still off the cradle.
  6. We also need v85 support for for using the T5XW series Bluetooth with Yealink's new line of DECT headsets like the WH66. I have to manually upgrade phones to v85 to pair. Also, the latest T33G v85 firmware fixes some handset audio issues.
  7. Hello, I like the new interface/app you created for this. It will make it easier to train and does not require advanced call flow access. Some feedback: It would be nice if we could specify or enable a feature code for people to automatically add the last received call to a default blacklist.
  8. I think what is happening for me is that I have a sprint mobile device also assigned to my user but turned off. The device is likely consuming the SMS first (even if its off) and it never makes it to my Yealink phone.
  9. Can you please link the forum post that shows how to get this working with a Yealink phone? I have just enabling a DID and assigning to a user and a ring group but I never see any text message hit my Yealink inbox. Perhaps I need to turn on some Yealink settings. I also tried sending a text message and I never received it.
  10. I really wish this didn't happen. It feels more like a bug. You can patch devices using the API without losing the provisioner profiles.
  11. If you rename the device or change any device settings in the UI it will wipe out the advanced provisioner profile.
  12. We use Advanced Provisioner with Yealink phones. When you setup BLF extension monitoring you can use the BLF key to usurp a call from a ringing extension. This does not sound like everything you are looking for. It's worth knowing. If 102 or 103 is flashing red on the BLF key you can press it and steal the call.
  13. Have you considered instead using 1 generic user with multiple devices? This seems like the easy solution.
  14. I would also like to disable this notification.
  15. Is it possible to do extension to extension dialing between accounts yet?
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