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  1. @Mitch Welcome to the world of Yealink Custom Configs!!! Are you looking for a step by step on how to add/make changes via configs, so that the phone gets it's programming, versus you getting into the web interface every time? esoare
  2. I am running into this with another client. The Outside call can press just a digit from the Menu to be routed to the correct group of people/devices. Press 1, or "Dial extension 199" will call 201 User then also 202 User. Then you can have the Internal BLF's/Extensions/CallFlow for 201, and 202 be normally built. So how about changing the "extension" the outside caller dials to 199? Otherwise you might look at doing something like this below....may get messy with BLF's though...I haven't tried the below, but I figure if 2011 device is on the phone, then BLF 2011 and B
  3. This is a cool tip. Clicking on the account the MAC address is found in, will put you into the account straight away!
  4. Took a bit of time and looked through Product Board Roadmap - 2600Hz Community - If you want to add to the Roadmap, or put in your two cents. That's the place to do it! Best, esoare
  5. Opening Support ticket for this issue. esoare
  6. I did some additional testing. So I multicast page from T54w to T33g (only one to one for testing). Phones are on the same switch. The Multicast does it's Beep/Page tone and the display shows normal for a Multicast page. If you click MORE + RTP Status on the Receiving phone, it doesn't have any data, like, no Codec, or other information... On the MORE + RTP Status on the Sending phone, it shows the normal data that you would have, Codec, and other information... Kind of stumped on this right now, if anyone has some troubleshooting tips, that would be great! es
  7. So I noticed that the "SMTP email" wasn't in the gui anymore. 2-20-2021. It's just the Realm... So " Ten-Digit-Fax@Realm " Realm = Fully Qualified Domain Name Hope that helps also.
  8. That is a great question @RuhNet! Can some one chime in and let us know what issues there have been with v85…?
  9. @G2G I did this today for a client.... They wanted a recording about a snow day to play, and then calls to continue as they normally do for business hours 899 will be where the main number for the business comes in. There is a Time 24x7 that is what it says, S-S 00:00-23:59 every day. The 900 Call Flow is the next Call flow with Time You have the Work Week M-F, 8am-5pm... These are the two Call flows that interest us. Setup this Call Flow with TTS: "Hello, I can help you open and close your office manually. For ins
  10. PBX (old school Nortel) that was FBA - Forward Busy Allowed. There isn't a way on the User (at least not on the GUI) to set that. I can't see anything in Advanced Call Flows, or Smart PBX... Might have to be built, or API, or Some other back end mojo... esoare
  11. I recommend - Transfer + *666 = Add number that called you to Black List.... Of course, it MIGHT be helpful to select a Customer requested extension, versus a "Static- Feature Code"!! My 2cents. esoare
  12. You were right @Karl Stallknecht! I went ahead and edited the Macro in the Excel file (just commented out the stuff with sd) and the file it created had 0 mentions of 'sd', so you don't have to edit the xml file manually. Thanks for helping out and sharing your knowledge! esoare directory_generator-edited removed sd.xlsm
  13. @Karl Stallknecht I was giving this a go with a test vvx-410. Thanks for the write up by the way!! But when testing this out, it places the contacts from the Directory as Buttons on the phone...seems unusual to me... I have uploaded the test .xml that I used... Can you provide any clarity as to: a) that is normal / b) that's odd! Thanks! esoare p.s. @Dhruv Use this excel Macro to create the directory. Follow @Karl Stallknecht post above to create the directory properly. 000000000000-directory.xml directory_generator.xlsm
  14. @Jack Noe So you will be using that for your solution? If you are, I'll mark your answer as the Best Answer. esoare
  15. @naveed6865 I moved your post to a new Thread.,.. Below is a post for creating a repeat menu key... What you have to do (if you are using CallFlows) is have a repeat key, go to another call flow. Then have that CallFlow point back to the original CallFlow...
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