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  1. Taxes on Hosted Kazoo

    Thank you Bobby for the referral for Judy at Telecom Professionals, Inc.
  2. Taxes on Hosted Kazoo

    Can you expand the TPI out for me or point me to their website? Thank you!
  3. Taxes on Hosted Kazoo

    How is everyone handling taxes through the Hosted Kazoo? My plan is to use external billing and SureTax to calculate taxes. SureTax has recommended tax professionals to help file in each state of service. What is everyone else doing that is compliant? I've noticed many providers are not federal and state compliant on VoIP taxes and e911 and I'm looking for direction from those that are.
  4. Advanced e911 - granular based on room or building

    Thanks Darren, this was my thinking too, glad to see it confirmed on your end. I don't think what they want is available yet, so I'm going to pitch it as they can divide up the property as granular as they want, and pay for each e911 enabled DID, and then tie that to the location. It's nice knowing it's unlikely any other vendor will be able to deliver exactly what they want.
  5. I'm answering an RFP with a request for advanced e911 location based on the port the phone is plugged into. I imagine this can be done crudely with a unique e911 number for each building, floor, room (depending on granularity) and then updating the devices using LLDP and the Kazoo API. Has anyone tackled granular e911 locations for larger buildings? I've noticed in Bandwidth newsletters that they are working on this, https://www.bandwidth.com/9-1-1/