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Found 2 results

  1. I am using clicktocall for originating outbound calls from my client's web app.I am also using webhook for channel destroy event. I want to send a client's application specific custom parameter with chnnel destroy webhook event whose value will be dynamic even if call is not answered by user. I have tried to use "set_variables" in callflow action as like below "data": { "numbers": [cf_number], "flow": { "data": { "custom_application_vars": { "Jazzware-Request": base64_string }, "export": True }, "module": "set_variables", "children": { "_": { "data": { "method": "GET", "req_timeout": "60", "req_format": "kazoo", "voice_url": voice_url }, "module": "pivot", "children": {} } } } } If call is answered or declined, then i am getting the custom_application_vars in Channel_Destroy event. But If call is not answered, then i am not getting the custom_application_vars in Channel_Destroy event. Can you give any suggestion for this so that i can be able to receive that custom_application_vars in Channel_Destroy event even though call is not answered which is very crucial for our application. Thanks
  2. When dialing in from an external number and either entering an extension or using the directory we'd like the call to go straight to voicemail. For internal calls we'd like the call to ring the user devices first. I believe I'm going to have to edit the callflow with the API and prefix a 0 (to send to voicemail) if the call is external. Has anyone done this or does anyone have any advice?
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