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  1. Would anyone share a demo with me?

    The email I got back, which I think was probably automated, states it’s ‘only available in the 48 contiguous United States and Canada’.
  2. Would anyone share a demo with me?

    I was told no and that it wasn’t for the UK.
  3. Would anyone share a demo with me?

    Thank you Tomas, Very kind of you.
  4. Would anyone share a demo with me?

    Hi Tomas, that would be superb! Would I be able to have a look at the UI too as if I was a customer? Best regards, Paul
  5. Good day all, We currently offer a hosted solution but would but would like to look at implementing our own and 2600hz seems like a good fit. As we’re UK based we cannot use the hosted version and one option is to build our own infrastructure, but before jumping in I’d love to see a demo of the end user interface and how it works. I have watched some YouTube videos but that’s not quite the same. Happy to pay for a demo account and I have Polycom and Yealink handsets already I can use. Thanks in advance, Paul