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  1. Load balancers can fail - the best way would be when a stream stops - just play silence or failover to default music file.
  2. Shoutcast is a not a serious option as calls are dropped if the stream fails, that deficiency must be resolved first.
  3. Many of our clients do not like that the on-hold music starts at the beginning each time - is there anyway to have this music start in the middle of the file at different points randomly?
  4. Is there a way to block an inbound call by its number?
  5. I know I can set individual app permissions - but was trying to see if we can do groups to make this more streamlined?
  6. When will this be released?
  7. Does this offer the ability to announce to the caller the position they are in the queue? I am considering using this on the shared/hosted platform.
  8. This works great - is there any way to make it where the incoming call does not pop up and just the presence light flashes on each phone - then you can click on that presence button to answer that line?
  9. Appreciate the reply - this one client is using a Polycom VVX 500 and when I press the touchscreen for BLF extension - it simply dials the user instead of picking up the call. BTW - above was my first post here - looking forward to being a part of this community - so far we love 2600hz!
  10. I have a client that is requesting all their extensions setup as BLF - no problem there. However, they want todo call pickup and be able to press the BLF button and answer that call. I am using the shared/hosted version of 2600hz - is this possible with this?
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