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  1. First, you want to completely disable the kamailio service, and enable kazoo-kamailio. Anytime that you interact with the kamailio you should be using kazoo-kamailio. A reboot should fix this without spending to much time ontroubleshooting what is binding to the default ports.
  2. sudo systemctl stop kamailio sudo systemctl disable kamailio sudo systemctl start kazoo-kamailio sudo systemctl status kazoo-kamailio
  3. Check out this article https://blog.opensips.org/2017/02/22/troubleshooting-missing-ack-in-sip/amp/ Then run a SIP trace to ensure the correct Record Route and Contact headers. Finally, check /etc/kazoo/kamailio/local.cfg If your IP address is still set to or then the Record Route header sent to the callee will be the same. This is the reason for the missing ACK and eventually the dropped call. Update your IP address to resolve.
  4. If 5060 is directly exposed to the clients I would start with disabling STUN. This is slightly out of date, but I tested and verified working: https://docs.2600hz.com/user_guides/doc/manual_phone_config/zoiper/
  5. Are there any other steps that are recommended when updating other then ‘yum update kazoo-*’?
  6. Thank you @mc_ I will use the centos7 installation guide to get started and familiarize myself with the platform but am very excited to hear that Debian support is in the works. Once I become more familiar with building Kazoo I can hopefully help with the Debian packaging. @ tomas_ I ran into the same issue with RabbitMQ last night but have not had the chance to work through it so thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  7. The installation documentation recommends that Kazoo be installed on CentOS 6.4 or 6.5 because FreeSWITCH recommends CentOS. Is CentOS still 2600Hz's preferred platform now that Debian 8 is the FreeSWITCH reference platform?
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