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  1. Hi @Ricardo, you can see my PR here. it didn't merged yet Please note that this PR is for backend only
  2. Thank you for the answer @fmateo05 and @RuhNet It answers about listening the events, what about managing the call?
  3. Hi, I'm wondering how is the best way to control a call from outside process like event socket or Asterisk AGI The Pivot module is greate, still he has limitation that it can control the call only once without getting more info from the channel how is the best way to connect the FS or the ecallmgr and control the call, including getting notifications about the call as well as executing commands like play, answer, bridge, hangup, etc? Thank you
  4. Hi all, First, I want to thank you for the great product!. My company works with Asterisk and FreePBX for more than 10 years now. We want to start work with robust, Multi-Thanet system for clouds. We have good knowledge in Linux, opensource, VoIP. and deep knowledge in Asterisk. My question is what is the best practice to adopt Kazoo, including sysadmin and development.
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