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  1. Thank you Naveed; what determines when it goes to the "email to fax logs" tab versus the "inbound" or "outbound" tab? Currently, our "email to fax log" tab only shows 2 failed transmissions. Thanks!
  2. I have been advised by 2600hz that it is not ideal to provision a phone in Kazoo that is not listed in the autoprovisioner as compatibility, updates, etc. may cause the phone/system to not operate as best they should. However, has anyone had any luck with doing this anyway? We have a number of customers that have a few random phone brands (e.g. Avaya) and would like to keep these phones. I had provisioned a few phones once before that were not listed in Kazoo but they were just models that weren't listed, not the actual brand (i.e. Polycom VVX200 series). Thanks!
  3. In the Fax Manager app, there is a tab for "email-to-fax logs". I do not have an understanding of this tab as it only shows 2 failed transmissions. When do items populate into this tab versus the inbound/outbound tabs, which also show fails? Thanks!
  4. How do you send an email fax from the main faxbox number? I understand how to send an email fax from an individual users faxbox account, but how do you do it from your main fax line?
  5. Hi, does voicemail transcription work? I have it enabled for users but it doesn't transcribe the VM in the email. I saw an old thread on here from 2016 that although it's an option, the transcribing services were so poor that it was never fully set up. Thanks!
  6. Can someone advise how you can build a softkey to allow someone who is not in a ring group to answer an incoming call from another ring group? Thanks!
  7. Where do you set default device settings such as transfer type (to blind)? Cannot find anywhere except for doing each device individually.
  8. I can't delete the two test queues in my Call Center Pro. Nothing happens when I try. I did remove them from the advanced call flows, but they won't delete from Call Center app. Any adivce? Thanks!
  9. To park a call, the feature code says to hit *3 (followed by a number like 101 to park it at). When we try to park, nothing happens. Does it need to be enabled somewhere?
  10. Is there a way to disable receiving these auto emails that come to all the admins on the account? E.g. "loss of registration" emails every time we unplug a phone?
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