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  1. So It's me again …. is it possible to set a user to call fwd based on a schedule?
  2. Hi, How do we deal with 711 Reserved Number Telecommunications Relay Service (TTY), Direct the call to third party service? Thanks
  3. Wow thank you so much. This is new stuff to me... I think I start to get the logic of it. thank again Karl
  4. Thank Karl. I'm confused... A call comes in. Smart PBX is set to follow the advanced call flow route. the advanced call flow is build like this. Menu IVR options to press 1, 2 and 3. all options are set to a ring group named "Ring all". (Ring all is build to ring all users) But, one of the users which is 103, would have its own schedule - Let's say its not available on Wednesdays between 9am - 2Pm. How do I set this up?
  5. You probably wanted to write advanced call flow... So, In order for the dedicated ext custom schedule to work, I have to build the entire call flow in advanced, and drag in the "time of day function" before I drag the user. which means, if the flow routes to a ring group, and ext 102 is a included in the group, the time of day would effect the entire ring group not just ext 102
  6. So I'm actually stuck. I'm getting an error that the ext. is already being used in another call flow.
  7. Thanks Karl again! Will test it
  8. Oh wow! going to test it. Thank you so much.
  9. Hello, Is there a way to select a schedule for a specific extension? For example: When a c all flow routes to ext. 102, The ext. itself should have its own schedule when it rings or when it goes to VM. Thanks!
  10. Hi, Is there a feature or a work around to add the possibility to "Escape" voice mail? For example: The call flow routes the call to ext. 1001, while at the voice mail greeting press "0" to escape and get back to the main menu or to another ext. Thanks!
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