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  1. Hi I wan to check video conferencing on Kazoo. For this I have created a "conference" through "callflow" app. In created conference I have enabled "Enable Video Conferencing" option and in callflow I have bound it to an extension. When I call to conference extension all my other extensions/device are able to join conference. However I don't see video of all the participant except for a single participant. This behaviour remain unchanged whether I enable or disable "Enable Video Conferencing" as described above. I do not have and not using "comm.io" app as described in link https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/monsteruiapps/comm-io/262_user-resources/commio-video-conference-calls-user-guide-beta-r169/. Can anybody what "Enable Video Conferencing" option does in Callflow pp's conference and is it necessary to use "comm.io" app for video conferences
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