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  1. Esoare, so you're an admin (this in and of itself is biased) and already a customer. Thats not who we are talking about here, its the prospective customers they are trying to attract. How about we get some feedback from other frustrated community members? They might have already left these forums long ago though as even this thread is years old.
  2. The issue here is, you guys aren't encouraging the community to do anything, in-fact it's just the opposite. You are killing the community spirit and any members that may want to make great contributions. The behavior exhibited by 2600hz is further eroding any trust the community has in them and the project itself. Then your bosses will further make the case that open source doesn't help them just as you are trying to make now; It's a self fulfilling prophecy. You have to nurture and encourage the community with trust and feedback, not the opposite. You want to make money with OSS, you need maximum adoption and sell support that people can count on. People can't trust 2600hz and honestly, companies have gone with other vendors because of it (I tell you this from personal experience with my employer and Kazoo).
  3. Apologies for the confusion, but the idea remains the same. All bullshit excuses and no deliverables. Give a date or tell the truth about 2600hz closing the source code as they have done for 2 years.
  4. Thanks for that personal take _mc, we appreciate your candor. However, we have all been frustrated with Signal Wire's failure to release version 5 into open source, despite promising to do so two years ago. This lack of transparency and commitment to open source principles is a serious concern for those who have invested time, effort, and resources into the project. The open source community has always been built on the foundation of transparency, collaboration, and mutual respect. Open source projects allow developers to work together, share knowledge and expertise, and contribute to the greater good. However, when companies make promises to release their projects into open source, they must fulfill those promises, or else it undermines the very principles on which open source is based. Signal Wire promised to release version 5 into open source, but it has been two years, and the community is still waiting. This has led to frustration and disappointment among contributors who have invested their time, effort, and resources into the project. These contributors are being led on by Signal Wire, and this is not fair to them. The lack of transparency from Signal Wire is also a serious concern. Open source projects rely on transparency to build trust and confidence in the community. When companies make promises and fail to deliver, it erodes the trust of the community and undermines the principles on which open source is built. We are not asking for handouts or favors. We are simply asking for companies to fulfill their promises and respect the principles of transparency, collaboration, and mutual respect that underpin the open source movement. Signal Wire must live up to its commitments and release version 5 into open source. The company owes it to the community that has contributed so much to the project. We need a firm date or perhaps the truth, a statement explaining there will be no v5 open source version.
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