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  1. I managed to install everything (although I had same problem) and also avoiding NTP install error by running these commands : # Download and install updated FreeSWITCH repository echo "signalwire" > /etc/yum/vars/signalwireusername echo ${TOKEN} > /etc/yum/vars/signalwiretoken wget https://$(< /etc/yum/vars/signalwireusername):$(< /etc/yum/vars/signalwiretoken)@freeswitch.signalwire.com/repo/yum/centos-release/freeswitch-release-repo-0-1.noarch.rpm rpm -i --replacefiles freeswitch-release-repo-0-1.noarch.rpm after # Add 2600Hz RPM server yum install -y ${LATEST_RELEASE} Example: yum install -y https://packages.2600hz.com/centos/7/stable/2600hz-release/4.3/2600hz-release-4.3-0.el7.centos.noarch.rpm # Clear yum cache yum clean all and not before.
  2. Hello all, I am trying to install kazoo on a romanian ip-ed VPS and it seems access to https://packages.2600hz.com is blocked for romanian ip's, anyway this can be undone or any suggestions on how to install it on from a romanian ip?
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