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Found 4 results

  1. 2600Hz Announces Gold Sponsorship of Cavell Group's Cloud Comms Summit US 2021 HENDERSON, Nev., Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 2600Hz, a leading provider of unified business communications and the world-renowned KAZOO platform, is excited to announce it will be a Gold Sponsor of Cavell's Cloud Comms Summit US 2021 event. The summit will be held in Phoenix, AZ on September 21st and 22nd and will feature educational main stage keynotes, breakout sessions, and panel discussions, as well as multiple opportunities for attendees to network. On September 21st, 2600Hz Vice President of Global Sales Demetrio Rico will take the main stage to present "The Rebirth of CPaaS"—a keynote on how CPaaS is reemerging at the fore of the cloud communications market and how service providers can leverage the power of UCaaS/CCaaS + CPaaS to position themselves where the market is heading. "We are thrilled to be part of this industry-leading event as a Gold Sponsor and look forward to connecting with Service Providers across the U.S.," said 2600Hz COO and Co-Founder, Patrick Sullivan. "Cavell's events are always exceptional, and we are excited to support this important summit, while also sharing key insights with attendees that will enable them to strategically create growth opportunities." "We are pleased to welcome 2600Hz as Gold Sponsors of the Cloud Comms Summit US 2021," said Matthew Townend, Executive Director at Cavell. "2600Hz have been long-time supporters of this event and we are very excited to bring them and the industry back together in-person after 18 months of massive change. It has never been more important than now to meet and discuss challenges and opportunities in our space. This event will enable the industry to explore and redefine their strategy at a crucial time in cloud communications." About 2600Hz: 2600Hz's cloud communications platform KAZOO modernizes how businesses provide communications services to their customers. With thoughtfully engineered tools built by leaders in the telecom industry, KAZOO offers feature-rich UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS solutions. For developers building their own telephony apps, 2600Hz offers 300+ APIs and provides access to the building blocks of the platform. For more information, visit http://www.2600Hz.com. 2600Hz is a privately owned company with a distributed team worldwide. 2600Hz Contact: Alisa Bartash Head of Marketing alisa@2600hz.com SOURCE 2600hz, Inc. Related Links www.2600hz.com
  2. Hello, we are experiencing an issue with conference calling that is only allowing 2 users to be connected to the conference line and then every other user beyond that is getting a busy signal. We have tried increasing the number of inbound and outbound trunks but the limit is still stuck at two. Any ideas? Thanks, Jacob
  3. Hello guys, I'm trying to understand more from conferences. I see that you can enter using a moderator pin and, if you do it, you will be a moderator in that conference (member_type = 'moderator' on conference_channel_vars). Ok, so: what can a moderator do? and how? I saw API for mute/kick and so on but that are not limited to moderators (I should use API restriction in that case or something similiar...) Is there the possibility to kick/mute/deaf/... someone through DTMF if I am moderator? And also can a non-moderator do these actions? Thanks in advance P.S. I'm using Kazoo 4.0
  4. Dear Kazoo Team, Good afternoon or evening! Any chance someone can lend me a hand? I am having a strange issue with the conference action in callflows, for a very specific scenario. I am trying to prevent the welcome_prompt from playing, so I created a callflow using monster, and then modified the callflow document flow attribute directly on the database as follows: { "data": { "id": "5e526d64a90c856efb62048d58ffa29f", "moderator": false, "play_entry_tone": false, "play_exit_tone": false, "welcome_prompt": { "play": false } }, "module": "conference", "children": { } } For some reason, this setting only works once (on my first attempt), but the "welcome to the conference" message gets played again on my second and subsequent call attempts. I can make it stop playing (again, only once) by either waiting some seconds and trying again, or by flushing the callflows cache. Could this be a cache issue? Maybe some odd logic not caching the welcome_prompt section or ignoring it if the object was recovered from cache? Thanks much!
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