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  1. Izabell balash

    UC Expo

    We will be at UC Expo in London from May 15-16th. We hope to see you there! https://www.ucexpo.co.uk
  2. Izabell balash

    Kaseya Connect 19

    We will be in attendance at Connect 19 in Las Vegas! https://kaseyaconnect.com/
  3. Izabell balash

    KAZOOcon 2019

    Join us again in San Diego for our 6th annual KAZOOcon! Whether you’re looking for the most recent advancements across UCaaS or CPaaS technologies, cutting edge best practices, or valuable networking opportunities, KAZOOcon 2019 will deliver an experience to remember. As a KAZOOcon attendee, you will hear about the latest UC products and VoIP enhancements from telecom pioneers, mingle with industry experts and be part of bleeding-edge telecom and mobile technology developments. You’ll get early access to 2600Hz roadmap updates, as well as a chance to share your input on where the industry is going and what you want to see from KAZOO. Learn more here: http://kazoocon.com/ Group discounts available - message marketing@2600hz.com for more information.
  4. until
    Join us on Tuesday, February 13th for a live panel discussion featuring 2600Hz COO & Co-Founder Patrick Sullivan, M2S Integrations President Alex Aristides, and Vinix Global Founder Mark Diaz as they touch on: -Identifying common challenges that prevent an easy go-to launch -Technical and resource limitations and how to make it work -Not being a telco expert and figuring out what your customer needs -Tips for an easy customer onboarding -Outside integrations that can help The session will also include time for questions and encourage discussion from the audience. Register Here http://www.m2sintegration.com www.vinixglobal.com
  5. Izabell balash

    Broadsoft Connections Miami

    If you will be in attendance this year and would like to meet with the 2600Hz team members, send us a message!
  6. Izabell balash

    Astricon 2018

    We'll be attending Astricon in Orlando, Fl on October 9th - 11th. If you will be in attendance and want to say hi, shoot us a message.
  7. Izabell balash

    ClueCon Weekly - Darren Schreiber

    Link will be posted on Social Media: https://twitter.com/2600hertz
  8. Izabell balash

    Kazoocon 2018 was great!

    @Mike Montgomery Hi Mike, we have some of the keynotes available here:https://www.youtube.com/user/2600hzOfficial/ Unfortunately we ended up having some issues with the files, not all of the videos have been uploaded, but we slowly continue to edit and upload. Thank you!
  9. In preparation for rolling out the billing, invoicing, and taxation services, as well as the App Exchange platform, and to meet new compliance requirements (specifically around GDPR), we’ll be making a few changes you should be aware of, specifically: Updating our terms and conditions to cover apps which are purchased from third parties, how we deal with payments, refunds, etc. In addition, due to new GDPR requirements, we’ve had to update our privacy policy as well. (Our lawyers are having an early Christmas this year, can you tell?) You’ll receive a notification when these updates go live when you login to your UI / portal, at which point you can review and accept the changes electronically. Updating our billing system starting July 1st. All billing will be done in a real-time, pre-pay format with deductions against your account for per-use and monthly services. These charges will be deducted from your account balance on the first of the month, every month. If you’re currently billed for your service plan charges mid-month, you’ll receive a pro-rated credit to your account starting 7/1/18 to cover any amounts already paid which apply past that date. This credit will show up in the new web UI for billing and transactions. Additionally, all future charges will occur via a top-up mechanism, and you’ll receive a warning 5 days before your monthly service plan hits your account if you have insufficient credit so that you can also manually top-up to ensure no disruption in service. Some of this may sound confusing – we will be holding a webinar which we strongly encourage you to attend so that you can learn about this new billing system. The webinar will be held on Tuesday, June 26th at 11:00am. This change impacts all 2600Hz clients – Hosted, Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure clients. We’ll be migrating to our new support system on June 26th, 2018. Zendesk portal access and email tickets will be discontinued – all tickets will need to be opened via our web portal (you can reply via email once a ticket is opened). You can already access the portal via https://support.2600hz.com/ while it’s in final testing. We’re working through some kinks for our Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure clients – these should be addressed before June 26th and will be reviewed on the same webinar as billing for any questions.
  10. Izabell balash

    Kazoocon 2018 was great!

    Hi Mike, Thank you for the kind words! We are happy you were able to join us. Yes, we will be putting up the presentations on the community soon, stay tuned!
  11. Izabell balash

    Business Webinar Series #1

    Episode #1 Summary: In the first episode of our new business webinar series, Kevin Bartnicki, Sales Director of 2600Hz will be going on a deep dive into why API's are at the forefront of software telephony. After years of experience in the telecom industry, including a position as Sales Director at Broadsoft, Kevin has witnessed the evolution of the communications industry. This series will be focused on thought leadership, tips for business enhancement, and touch on how 2600Hz can provide all the building blocks to simplify the ever growing cloud communications market. Please register for The Open API Difference on May 30, 2018 10:00 AM PDT at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4909753016358720771
  12. Izabell balash

    Meet Ups!

    Use this forum to correlate a meet up with attendees. A lot of you are coming in early, to contact other attendees that will be at the resort ahead of time, post a message here and get ahead of the networking game 👌
  13. Izabell balash

    Enterprise Connect

    The 2600Hz Team will be attending Enterprise Connect in Orlando on the 12th - 15th of March. We'll be at booth 1627, so stop by and say hi! If you want to schedule a meeting with Patrick (COO), send an email to marketing@2600Hz.com and we will set it up for you. We'll see you there!
  14. Izabell balash

    Plan on attending?

    Hi All, Has anyone attended ITW? Or is planning on attending? What are your thoughts?
  15. Izabell balash

    CodeBeam SF

    Our friends at Erlang Solutions have re-launched their much loved Erlang Factory conference as Code BEAM SF which is taking place on 15 & 16 March in San Francisco. Code BEAM SF is an action-packed two-day conference aimed at discovering the Erlang Ecosystem and bringing together the global community together! It is a conference fusing a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies!