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  1. # Install the Kazoo-wrapped HAProxy yum -y install kazoo-haproxy # Edit /etc/kazoo/haproxy/haproxy.cfg to setup the backend server to point to BigCouch # For AiO installs, it should look something like: cat >> /etc/kazoo/haproxy/haproxy.cfg << EOF global log /dev/log local0 info maxconn 4096 user haproxy group daemon stats socket /var/run/haproxy/haproxy.sock mode 777 defaults log global mode http option httplog option dontlognull option log-health-checks option redispatch option httpchk GET / option allbackups option http-server-close maxconn 2000 retries 3 timeout connect 6000ms timeout client 12000ms timeout server 12000ms listen bigcouch-data balance roundrobin server ${_HOSTNAME} check listen bigcouch-mgr balance roundrobin server ${_HOSTNAME} check listen haproxy-stats mode http stats uri / EOF # Enable and start HAProxy systemctl enable kazoo-haproxy systemctl start kazoo-haproxy # Check the status of haproxy kazoo-haproxy status |Host |Backend |Status |Active |Rate |1xx |2xx |3xx |4xx |5xx |Ping | |aio.kazoo.com |bigcouch-data |UP |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |1ms | |aio.kazoo.com |bigcouch-mgr |UP |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |1ms | curl localhost:15984 {"couchdb":"Welcome","version":"1.1.1","bigcouch":"0.4.2"} curl localhost:15986 {"couchdb":"Welcome","version":"1.1.1"} curl localhost:15984/_all_dbs [] We are having an issue on getting the haproxy to connect. Is there something we are missing?
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