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Found 3 results

  1. Announcing KAZOO 4.3.207 — Release Notes.pdf ANNOUNCING KAZOO 4.3.207! This is a bug fix version that addresses an issue brought to our attention by you all, as well as a significant upgrade to Kamailio. These Release Notes pertain to partners on Private Cloud and Global Infrastructure. What's New: We upgraded all the Kamailio stuff that KAZOO depends on from version 5.2.5 to 5.4.5, which is a huge improvement! The Kamailio team has been working hard on the new version, and it includes many bug as well as security fixes. Updating it on your end isn’t required, but we sure do recommend it to improve stability upstream. Bug Fixes: Previously, when agents in Call Center Pro were assigned to more than one queue and missed a call in one of those queues, the "Call Handling" bar incorrectly showed missed calls for all the agent's queues. We told Call Center Pro what’s up and missed calls will now only show up in the "Call Handling" bar of the queue they belong to. Known Bugs We’re Working On: Currently, when you're on a call in Call Center Pro, if you switch between the tabs when viewing queue details, the call timer stops showing properly. This is a known issue and our team is hard at work resolving it for you. We’ll keep you posted!
  2. Good morning community! I am a happy user of the kazoo platform/stack. We've been using it for more than a year now, and it's been awesome, with just a few glitches that were manageable up until today. So I was wondering if someone can help/guide me on how to troubleshoot a couple of problems I am having. We are running Version 4.2. The first problem we are having is related with presence: From time to time, it looks like the PBX forgets some devices are registered, let me explain: It's odd, because I am not getting any timeout email messages, an I do get them when a phone really loses connectivity. When this happens: kazoo-applications status shows different number of devices on Kamailio than on eCallMgr. kazoo-applications status sometimes lists kamailio and sometime it does not. I can see devices randomly go offline and online on MonsterUI if I refresh the screen. Some partial guesses / conclusions: I am prone to believe this happens when, from time to time, Kazoo (eCallMgr) and Kamailio lose connectivity - even while both reside on the same server. Restarting Kamailio seems to fix this issue, at least temporarily. I know this happened once when we lost networking on our Virtual Infrastructure. But I don't know why it didn't recover on it's own. This issue also causes the following: Then the PBX believes the device is offline, it won't even attempt to route the calls, and calls go straight to voicemail. Another less frequent issue we are having, also related with presence, is that after calls terminate, it takes some time for the PBX to realize the device is not busy anymore. We are currently running on 1 server for SBC + Kazoo-Apps + MonsterUI, 2 servers for media and 3 servers for databases, still running on BigCouch. When we first started having the presence issues, when I started using the platform, I managed to reduce most of them by shutting down our secondary SBC, as it was causing a mess due to the lack of cluster configuration. If possible, I would like to learn how to properly configure it as a cluster, so we can have a valid fail-over in case the primary SBC goes down. Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks much, Ivan
  3. Hi, I'm going to use kazoo as a PBX for a service that I'm building that requires a modular VoIP system. I will use Kazoo only for registrations and simple calls between 2 registered devices; no conferences, no call centers, no carriers, only internal calls. 1) I would like to know how many registrations/calls Kazoo can manage for each Kazoo/kamailio node (for registrations) and for each FreeSwitch node (for calls). How can I estimate these values? Do I have to evalutate for each node or for the entire cluster? I'm thinking to use dedicated servers (one server per node) with these specs: Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 (4/8 cores with 3.5G/3.9Hz), RAM 16GB 2400MHz DDR4, SoftRaid 2x4TB, bandwitdth 500mbps and vRack for nodes at 1Gbps. Starting with the 7 nodes configuration (3 DB, 2 FS and 2 Kazoo) is expensive (I have no fundings), so I would like to know the very basic configuration and its theoretical limits. 2) I would like to start with 2 nodes. How can I setup them? 1 FS + 1 DB/Kazoo? 1FS+1DB + 1Kazoo? All-in-one? Next they will be scaled as the registered devices increase. 3) I know Kazoo 4.0 pretty good (applications and source code). Is it a good idea to start with 4.1 instead?
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