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  1. Hey Everyone, We’re excited to announce the Kazoo 4.3 release is currently being upgraded in our back end systems - starting today! This major release will open the door for incredible new functionality - that over the next several weeks will lay the framework to Improve how you manage your business, while providing new revenue opportunities. To ensure a smooth transition and address any real-time issues that may occur, we’ve segmented the upgrade into phases that we'll roll out based on your platform. Hosted Platform Clients: We’ll be kicking off the upgrade with Hosted Platform clients this weekend - please keep in mind as with any upgrade, you may experience some unfamiliar occurrences. Feel free to comment or reply to this post with any questions and our team will do our best to get back to you ASAP. Private Cloud & Global Infrastructure Clients: Please allow 1-2 weeks for quality assessment and refinement with our Hosted Clients. Once all goes well, Kazoo 4.3 will be rolled out to private cloud and global infrastructure clients soon. For more details around the enhancements this release will bring to your platform - check out our recent business partner webinar replay here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6533554671879906049 *Please note: During this webinar - we experienced an Adhoc fire drill about 3/4 of the way through - so there is a short improvisational segment for your enjoyment You can find all the incredible highlights included in 4.3 below: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KAZOO 4.3 - The Highlights Billing Services (and service plans) have received a major overhaul in 4.3. APIs have changed for interacting with services so if any one has built on top of the `service_plans` API, they will need to take note and adjust their code. Ledgers and Transactions: Also received a major lift. Ledgers- Ledgers represent "Kazoo money" not necessarily tied to a financial transaction. Transactions - Transactions are tied to bookkeepers (like Braintree) and charge real money. Faxing New resolution settings to make faxes look really nice. Fax notifications aren't sent when disabled now Improved conversion of PDF<->TIFF Callflows Using multiple Caller ID Prepend actions in the same callflow is fixed Added a 'transfer' callflow to initiate a transfer, mostly for use by Konami Pro Better handling of short-lived calls (calls that end before callflows is properly setup) Dynamic Caller ID works even if no capture group is specified in the feature code pattern Fixes to Temporal rules for "weekly" cycles Parking slot selection fixes Conferences Dynamic conferences track setup config more accurately for each participant APIs File uploads respect max file size properly Fetching recordings using the `accept={CONTENT_TYPE}` query string parameter fixed De-duplicated CSV headers when downloading CSVs Fix Calculating usage charges in ledgers API Calls retrieved from parking slots now show up in the channel listing Check for conflicts in hotdesk IDs; disallow existing IDs being set on another user Storage integration (with dropbox/Google drive/etc) errors are reported back to the user CDR listing timeouts have been addressed Fetching faxes uses the API user's timezone to create the filename instead of UTC Added ability to refresh UI app list (easier maintenance) Fixed token costs bug for API rate limiting to support complex rules again Fixed search API duplication of results Optionally adjust CDR timestamps to match a supplied UTC offset Better handling of file upload multipart headers Routing When using shortdial correction, start validation process over with new the corrected request When using shortdial correction, limit the number of digits that can be corrected Fix setting a CIDR (vs just an IP) for a carrier/SBC ACL Common properties among endpoints are lifted out into global settings, reducing bridge string size (and data transferred over the network) Ignore unhandled events to avoid filling up error logs while waiting for a bridge to terminate OpenCNAM added as a provider for CNAM lookups Voicemail Voicemail setup wizard and the voicemail change PIN prompts only allow 3 attempts before exiting the voicemail system Allow storing voicemail in external databases (via storage plans) Don't end the call when trying to delete a non-existing temporary greeting CNAM Vitelity CNAM added a toggle to use it in Stepswitch processing. Core Check that an IPv4 or IPv6 network is available to be used; otherwise the system shuts down. Soft-deleted docs are ignored by default when fetching from the database (treated as not found) Internal caching now has several strategies for how and when to cache, affecting load on the databases and the Erlang VMs, when a document is being requested by many different processes (a cache stampede). Internationalization UK ringback (and probably others) fixed Braintree Create new subscriptions without descriptions if desired TTS/ASR Add Google TTS and ASR engines as providers Ecallmgr Ecallmgr no longer relies on the sysconf app for config; it uses kapps\_config directly. Fixed issue where previous media terminators were used when requesting no terminators be allowed on playback Rating Add a system-wide toggle to turn on/off notifications when no matching rate can be found. Race condition when importing rates fixed to ensure the task is finished before signalling to the API caller. Pivot TwiML processing updates for dialing into conferences Kamailio Added SBC auto-discovery and ACL updates Engineering `make splchk` and some variants added to help developers spellcheck their code and documentation efforts! Cycle detection much clearer when processing application dependencies Documentation More examples in the API docs of requests and possible responses More usage examples of various features
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