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[CouchDB Error]


Hi Team,

I am getting following error in my couch db logs, can you please assist me what wrong i am doing here.

[Sun, 13 Oct 2019 08:42:57 GMT] [error] [emulator] [--------] Error in process <0.1147.0> on node 'bigcouch@db1.sip.turboitsolutions.com' with exit value: {{rexi_DOWN,noproc},[{mem3_rep,rexi_call,2,[{file,"src/mem3_rep.erl"},{line,110}]},{mem3_rep,calculate_start_seq,3,[{file,"src/mem3_rep.erl"},{line,122}]},{mem3_rep,go,3,[{file,"src/mem3_rep.erl"},{line,32}]},{mem3_rep,go,2,[{file... 


curl http://db1.sip.turboitsolutions.com:5984/_membership




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