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  1. @fmateo05 could you create pull request for new media files addition on 2600hz/kazoo-sounds repo.
  2. To create and use advanced callflow 1) need create new callflow with any number ("1111" as example); 2) mark callflow as can used for main (in callflow application); 3) in smart PBX you can now select advanced callflow.
  3. Looks as you have half of couchdb nodes down. Cluster have configured 6 nodes and only 3 is online.
  4. Error 488 Not Acceptable Here is related to used codec and encryption. Not IP used on caller side (private or public). Please paste INVITE here and codec related variables from "freeswitch.xml"
  5. Think you can create `911` callflow and add cf_notification.erl and then cf_offnet.erl module This will allow send email.
  6. you can prepend caller name, not number. As example "hotdesk-", "sales-" and etc.
  7. They can force on or off time of day rule.
  8. You can configure voice mailbox with same creating message. Try rewrite greeting message from voice mailbox. I expect this will replace menu media.
  9. On client equipment may be used any password. This will not requested when used IP auth.
  10. Thin is easiest way - update kamailio config to add ACL check on REGISTER logic. I checked PCAP files. Yalink phones and other not send MAC during registration. But you can check MAC at provisioning state.
  11. I think root if issue is broken DTLS encription on FreeSwitch side when RTCP-MUX is disabled. You can try fix this https://freeswitch.org/jira/browse/FS-10981
  12. Think this must be done on kazoo-app side as "Accept: application/pdf" of http request Then you easy request required content type.
  13. Hello @DinkyDonkey @Darren Schreiber @Logicwrath Could you describe some more info how this works. 1) phone request location info from connected switch and then send this with INVITE message; 2) kazoo must have access to LLDP enabled switch end request info by MAC/IP of called device. Could you make reference to docs where this described.
  14. I think this may be done using formaters When caller is have national/international number format, then need to set Aler-Info sip header
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