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  1. Looks as you have half of couchdb nodes down. Cluster have configured 6 nodes and only 3 is online.
  2. On client equipment may be used any password. This will not requested when used IP auth.
  3. Thin is easiest way - update kamailio config to add ACL check on REGISTER logic. I checked PCAP files. Yalink phones and other not send MAC during registration. But you can check MAC at provisioning state.
  4. Hello @DinkyDonkey @Darren Schreiber @Logicwrath Could you describe some more info how this works. 1) phone request location info from connected switch and then send this with INVITE message; 2) kazoo must have access to LLDP enabled switch end request info by MAC/IP of called device. Could you make reference to docs where this described.
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