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Adding a second ext/phone for a user


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If I have a created user who has a deskphone at work and another one at home, how can I give them two phones with different extensions?

I can't create a "user" like "Sam" and then another that is called "Sam Home" because their email is the same and it won't allow that.  If I just add the device, it doesn't let me assign an extension to it.


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If you aren't reliant on SmartPBX's many provisioning features, you can set up callflows pointing to the user's devices for each of the preferred extensions rather than pointing one callflow at the user. So attach both devices to the same user, then create callflows that go Device -> Voicemail (or whatever) for each extension.

If you rely heavily on SmartPBX controlling all your provisioning, or you don't have access to the Callflows app, you might be stuck with the constraints that SmartPBX imposes (so that it can do all that neat provisioning stuff).

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